Cosmologists Achieve a New Level of Bullshit – Planets Made of Solid Diamond

Reuters reports:

(Reuters) – Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.

The new planet is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond.

“The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon — i.e. a massive diamond orbiting a neutron star every two hours in an orbit so tight it would fit inside our own Sun,” said Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

As I said back in 2010, explanations of cosmological observations will eventually become totally insane and irrational as new findings are discovered.  I think this most recent discovery qualifies.

The reason why scientists are forced into making the totally asinine claim that this planet is actually a solid chunk of diamond is due to their belief that gravity is strictly a function of matter bending space (whatever that means).  Their theories are completely devoid of electromagnetic effects influencing the gravity and orbits of planetary bodies.

Just look at this list of observations I have compiled about Einstein’s version of relativity.  How many failures of the theory must be observed before scientists finally cave in and agree to Plasma Cosmology’s take on the nature of the universe?  How many more completely ridiculous claims must the tax paying public be subjected to before the public finally revolts against these shysters?



Nothing a mainstream cosmologist says to you about the nature of the universe is worth a hill of beans.  These guys are all a bunch of criminal thieves.

We’ve known since the 60’s that space is filled with charged plasma that must obey Kirchoff’s circuit laws.  We’ve known since the 60’s that there are massive electrical currents flowing in all directions throughout space.   We’ve known this and yet scientists continue on using a theory of the universe that COMPLETELY IGNORES anything involving electricity.  General Relativity ONLY deals with the curvature of space.  It has nothing to say about the vast electrical forces we know exist out there.

If you ask a professional fraudster why we see massive magnetic fields encircling galaxies and galaxy clusters, you’ll hear them sputter a mountain of gibberish as they struggle to avoid the question.  They are all a pile of liars.

The following points are a few shocking truths about our universe.  Whether you believe me or not is immaterial to reality.  This is what science tells us is really going on.

1.  There was no big bang

2.  Space is not “expanding” (logically this is impossible since nothing can not expand).

3.  The universe is infinite in all directions, infinite in age, and steady in its state.

4.  Galaxies are created by the flow of charged elections coming together in a plasma pinch.

5.  Gravity is related to the electrical nature of matter, not the curvature of space.

6.  The solar system and earth did not form from a gigantic dust cloud collapsing on itself.

7.  Comets did not fill the oceans of earth (what a joke of a theory that is).

8.  The earth and all other solid bodied planets were formed inside of gas giants (brown dwarf stars).

9.  Gas giants were formed by splitting or ejection from main sequence stars.

10.  Main sequence stars were formed by a plasma pinch and are powered externally from the energy flowing into the galaxy.

11.  There is no such thing as a “black hole”

12.  There is no such thing as neutron star made out of 100% neutrons.

13.  There is no such thing as dark matter.

14.  There is no such thing as dark energy.

15.  There is no such thing as time travel or wormholes.

16.  The earth was once a planet of Saturn, which itself was a brown dwarf star that was electrically captured by the Sun.

17.  The reason why we see the same images appearing in caves around the globe by ancient cultures that had no interaction with each other is because they were all seeing the same displays of plasma in the night sky.

18.  The earth’s oceans were filled because earth was once orbiting inside the discharging plasma coma of Saturn, which itself was once a brown dwarf star.  The plasma comas of brown dwarf stars are the only places in the known universe capable of covering a planetary body with water.

19.  Comets are not dirty snowballs, they are made out of solid rock.  They discharge a watery plasma coma due to the changing electrical environment they are moving through.

20.  If you still believe Einstein was right, even as cosmologists claim that planets made out of solid diamond exist, you are nuts.


  • Diamonds are forever

    Are you taking the wee wee? Where is your evidence for any of these claims?

  • Sceaduwe

    The planets are now diamonds!

  • Sceaduwe

    The planets are now diamonds!

  • exuberant1

    I just want someone to beat me and take my money.

  • James Westlock

    Real science and Libertarianism for the WIN!

  • orkneylad

    Great job.  🙂

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  • While I agree with your premises, I suggest that
    you perhaps tone down the language as I think it will harm your
    credibility – particularly amongst those who are seeking new knowledge,
    sitting on the fence, etc.

  • While I agree with your premises, I suggest that
    you perhaps tone down the language as I think it will harm your
    credibility – particularly amongst those who are seeking new knowledge,
    sitting on the fence, etc.

  • orkneylad

    Electric Universe Theory down the Wikipedian Memory Hole:

    “Wikipedia tore down nearly all their entry on tides a year or so back, and replaced it with some very basic stuff.”
    [tallbloke blogged email to Leif Svalgaard: May 26, 2011 at 6:39 pm]

    Incidents like the above are becoming very common, it seems.

    During the early Climategate days it became clear that forces within
    wikipedia were suppressing pages relating to the issue. In a recent
    post of mine on wiki,
    we saw how wikipedia have written the Electric Universe Theory out of
    their site. So much for any pretence at being an unbiased repository
    for knowledge.

    On the positive side, when you see a theory being suppressed in this way you KNOW you’re onto something good, and something so alarming that the ruling paradigm doesn’t want you to know it even exists.

    Hidden in plain sight:

    As the BBC prepares to officially ignore scientific views OUTSIDE the man-made warming paradigm, we also see CERN physists being told NOT to interpret the significance of its research into cosmic rays & cloud formation.

    Interesting also when Adrian Scaife [of the UK Met Office] recently stated in June:
    “We now believe that [the solar cycle] accounts for 50 per cent of the variability from year to year”

    The Svensmark Hypothesis is fast becoming the predominant paradigm and you can’t keep it quiet forever.

    Also interesting this week to see connections between the University
    of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit [CRU] and the now arrested phone
    hacker Neil Wallis.

    It appears the lunatics are in-charge of the asylum.

  • Luc

    I eagerly await the ivory towers to crumble under their own hubris, academia has wasted so much wealth and minds on diddling away in their monasteries.
    It might be a lot sooner then anyone thinks once the collage bubble pops and diddlers have to do something of value for once.

  • Idiot

    I think it’s amazing that the author can talk about astrophysics and cosmology as though he is an authority, even though he clearly has no education in the subject whatsoever. And he can make numerous claims based on no evidence and still have people praise him for his extreme ignorance. Bravo.

    • Clearly you did not watch the lectures by professional physicists I posted in the thread.  – And you are the one calling me ignorant?

  • Briandoodo

    Time travel is real, many of these claims are not backed up and are simply not true.

  • David Santos

    The question that kept hovering my head while I read was this: why can’t a planet be made of diamond?

    You keep saying how asinine would be to believe that claim, but why is it so obviously false? Can’t a planet be made of diamond? Is it physically/chemically impossible?

  • Ness_teea

    @michaelsuede this is so convincing…NOT

  • Max

    first off, im in middle school, and I know your the one full of bull sh*t, I don’t give a crap that your “profesional physicyts” say something that may disagree with this. I don’t see ANY evidence what so ever that supports you and your just saying that if you belive this, your nuts, as you said in an earlier response to a comment. No this theory does not include electromagnetics because they dont make a difference, electromagnetics are caused by electrons flowing about, making a magnetic field, or the other way around. That force is not powerfull enough at that scale of 1,000s of miles in diameter, at least! You obviously have no clue what you are talking about because when you mentioned the fact about gravity how mass bends space, you said whatever that means. Even I know what that means! The mass has gravity which pushes spacetime into a bowl shape around it which other bodies, like the moon for earth, roll in a circle, they don’t stop because since space is effectivley empty besides any bodies floating through it, there is no friction, thats why the pennies in that funnel at the mall, you know the one, actually fall in, friction! Oh yeah, and the gravity and orbits of other nearby bodies have nothing to do with electromagnetics. Nothing says that a planet that is solid, or largely composed of diamond is impossible, carbon under extreme heat and pressure becomes diamond, that’s how they’re made on earth. And that carbon was no doubt exposed to those conditions as IT USED TO BE THE CENTER OF A COLLAPING STAR! And ANYTHING on that bull sh*t list you made I could rip to pieces and throw at your face. I apologize for any spelling mistakes in this comment.

  • WallaWally

    Hey yo I think you may be right