Honduras Proposes A Regulation Free Zone For A New City

Communist insurgents often cry that those who do not love living a totalitarian police state should move if they don’t like it.   They say that the simple act of living in a particular region means people agree to whatever looting schemes are enacted by the regional autocracy.  However, the minute any freedom loving individual suggests that just a small portion of land be excluded from the looting so that people who want to live in freedom may do so, they are shouted down as wanting to kill children and rape the poor.

Of course, the looters know that should such an economically free zone exist anywhere within their communist police state, it would make their communist utopia look bad.  They know that every major industry and production facility would instantly move out of their repressive hell hole and into the free zone in order to escape regulatory burdens and looting.

As such, I find the following proposal by the Honduran government to be nothing short of shocking.  Should this come to pass, it would be a mind blowing demonstration of Austrian economics in action.

Libre Mercado reports:

Honduras prepares a “model city”, with its own laws and minimal regulation to attract investors in the style of the former British colony in China.

A city-state created in the middle of nowhere. So you can sum up the project that will implement the Government of Honduras with the goal of transforming the country into a world economic power.

The idea is simple: take an uninhabited area, is granted its own laws, different from the rest of the country, they do not impede investment and job creation, and opens the door to those domestic or foreign entrepreneurs willing to installed.The result, judging from the Experience of Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian cities with such laws, should be a spectacular development.


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