Audio Engineer Claims Ron Paul’s Applause Was Muted During Debate

Source: “I’m an Audio Engineer, I’ve done live shows, and I can tell you for a fact that they muted Ron Paul’s applause tonight at this debate.”

He goes on to note: “A couple different [occasions], I can check the highlights later. But my ears were thrown off at a few different places. They pulled the faders down fast. It was sad.”

Another user comments:

I’m a media analyst and I can tell you every major news outlet has every incentive to dampen RP’s image and voice. They know where their huge subsidies and special privileges come from (the establishment). They have two main tricks: Exclude Paul or misrepresent him. And they will, because they’re the gate keepers to most people’s information, and that’s why they always snark at RP’s internet campaigns, they don’t like competition.

I suppose the best way to confirm this is to have someone who was at the debate watch a highlight reel of the broadcast and either confirm or deny what took place at the event.

Listen to Ron’s highlight reel below.  Unfortunately the reel is cut so you can’t hear the applause very well.

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  • Thomas Jefferson

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Wouldn’t surprise me. At some of the other debates, I had the distinct impression that Fox or CNN had piped in boos after Dr. Paul’s answers. It’s probably more likely that the boos weren’t even broadcast, just mixed into the piece. Doesn’t much matter- honest, independent conservatives have heard other conservative cheering anti-war messages at these debates. And they won’t accept having their social security checks cut while the Pentagon is fighting half a dozen wars for empire.

    And how about NBC taking it upon themselves to insert John Huntsman into the top-tier, by the order and subject of the questioning. I can’t tell you how many glowing puff pieces I have read about John Huntsman. That’s all I need to know to oppose him every step of the way

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  • Anyone else notice during Ron’s last answer someone kept disrespectfully coughing into the mic? It was the only time I heard someone coughing over a candidate the entire night. Go back and listen. It was done on purpose.

  • Mike Oxlong

    Bill O’Reilley is a douchebag.

  • Mark Anthem

    Excellent article. I’d like to see an organization called Engineers For Liberty. I think there are enough individuals with technical skills that could organize and then accomplish more than any Army Corp of Engineers or defense contractor now in existence.