Communist Rep. Jan Schakowsky (C-IL) Declares You Have No Right To Your Own Property

A question asked by a kid at a recent town hall, “Out of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think that I deserve to keep?”

To which Schakowsky (C-IL) responds:

“I’ll put it this way. You don’t deserve to keep all of it and it’s not a question of deserving because what government is, is those things that we decide to do together.”

The host then asks, “How much do you pay?”

… 35% … babel babel …

The host then asks, “what’s stopping you from paying more?”

Of course, the communist totalitarian ignores every question asked to her and continues to ramble on about all the great things she plans on doing with your money.  Obviously nothing is stopping the looter from paying more on her own, but she would never dream of doing so.  She doesn’t think her money should be used for the greater good.  She thinks your money should be used to fulfill the “general will” of the people.

To communists like Schakowsky, your money is actually her money, to do with as she deems fit.  Schakowsky goes on to list a litany of academic institutions, green jobs programs, and other various fascistic public-private partnerships that she feels deserve more money than what the free market would provide them on its own.

If Schakowsky let you keep your own money, how could she possibly buy the votes she requires to remain in office?  Clearly Schakowsky needs to take your money by force in order to make sure she and her cronies keep their jobs, since no right minded individual would ever give this useless bitch more than a nickel for her incompetent service.  The only “service” Schakowsky knows how to provide the public is directing IRS agents to your bank account.