Pigs Launch Violent Assault Against Down Syndrome Man For Having A Colostomy Bag In His Pants

Because having a bulge in your pants is a felony offense.

NBC Miami reports:

The attorney for a man with Down Syndrome who was badly injured after a confrontation with Miami-Dade Police Saturday night says his family is shocked over what they say was an unnecessary attack.

“The family is very upset and really shocked, to be honest,” attorney Philip Gold said Wednesday. “They can’t believe that this could have happened, let alone to their their son who is an innocent, sweet individual with Down syndrome.”

Gilberto Powell, 22, was stopped by officers in the area of Southwest 111th Place and Southwest 138th Street around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, according to a Miami-Dade Police report.

The report said officers spotted a bulge in Powell’s waist band [his colostomy bag] and when they tried to pat him down, he tried to flee. Police say Powell broke free as officers tried to place him in handcuffs, hitting his forehead on the ground.

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Of course, throwing a retarded man to the ground for having a colostomy bag and then beating him senseless because he doesn’t understand what is happening to him is par for the course as far as our criminal vicious authoritarian police forces are concerned.

The police don’t actually exist to protect and serve the public; they exist to violently impose the will of the State and to assault anyone who dares defy their authoritarian orders.

Because the police get their paychecks through violent looting of the public, they are entirely divorced from having to serve the public in any respectful manner.  Imagine if restaurant owners made their living by holding a gun to everyone’s head and simply taking their money.  Do you think the motto “the customer is always right” would still have the same meaning it does today for the restaurant industry?  Do you think restaurant owners would give a flying crap about whether you liked your meal or not?  Of course not.  The market forces everyone to act in a civil manner, while looting causes the beneficiaries to act like savage barbarians.

Praise Mao and may Pelosi expropriate your wallet.