Fox News Shoves Post-Debate Poll Down Memory Hole After Ron Paul Dominates It

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Previously this link took you to the Fox News post-debate poll that had Ron Paul winning by a country mile.

RT reports:

If you’ve noticed a lack of Ron Paul in the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2012 presidential race, it might not be an accident. After he placed first in a Fox News poll, the outlet has removed the results from their website without explanation.

Fox had launched an online poll to gauge readers’ opinions on last night’s Republican show-down and asked their audience, “Which GOP presidential candidate do you think won the Fox News/Google debate?” At one point Paul placed in first, with 30 percent of the votes, but a reader of has pointed out that the poll has disappeared from the website, or has been shuffled to another page far from the front of Fox’s political coverage.

Logging onto the poll now produces an error in which the user is told “No content item selected.”

A screen shot of the poll produced by Infowars shows that Paul led with 24,8945 votes, with Mitt Romney trailing in second place with 22,656 votes, of 27 percent of the total. Rick Perry placed third with 15 percent of the votes, followed by Herman Cain with 9 percent.

Just thought I’d share.

In other news, Fox News gave Ron Paul and Gary Johnson the least amount of talk time during the debate and did not allocate talking time to poll standings.

Huntington news reports:

Fox News and Google purported to have a novel approach that would remedy the criticisms from past Republican Debates, where they have became a two-man Romney/Perry show. Although the other candidates stand on the stage, they do not receive the same attention as the mainstream media front runners. Rep. Ron Paul has been placing third in most polls, but he’s not receiving the proximate attention for the candidate down one from the Top Two. For that matter, other than Romney/Perry, follow up questions have not occurred.

Here is the only post-debate questioning Ron Paul received by the MSM, even though he is running in third place nationally with poll numbers in the double digits.

To see all of Ron Paul’s debate responses, look here.


  • Jonny

    Great post. I noticed a mistake however in the numbers.

    The actual numbers were

    Ron Paul: 39.27% (27, 573 votes)
    Mitt Romney: 22.89% (16, 073 votes)
    Rick Perry: 12.8% (8, 898 votes)
    Herman Cain: 10.81% (7, 592 votes)
    Newt Gingrich: 6.99% (4, 906 votes)
    Michele Bachmann: 2.25% (1,578 votes)
    Gary Johnson: 1.95% (1,366 votes)
    John Huntsman: 1.59% (1,118 votes)
    Rick Santorum: 1.44% (1,014 votes)

  • LOL – so you guys think Neville Paul won the debate, huh? Well, alrighty then.

    • Factorniner

      WWII was the U.S. combatting the occupiers and welcomed as heroes. The U.S. is now THE OCCUPIER creating so much enmity at great$ cost!

      • True. But before Hitler really took off with his conquest of Europe, he was given “permission” by idiots like Neville Chamberlain. We have “little” Hitler over in the M.E. right now, in Iran. Do you think we should allow them to develop into a country that could become dangerous? I don’t. Not sure what we should do there – I don’t advocate us getting involved in another conflict there, but pulling out of that region completely is a really bad idea. 

        We also have some very interesting and very ominous things going on between Turkey and other Islamic states. Do I think we should stay in Afghanistan or Iraq forever? No. But I’m afraid that if Paul was president, he would ignore a lot of danger signs (like Clinton did), and a bunch of Americans, along with a ton more folks in the M.E., will pay a horrible price.

        The funny thing is that I agree with Ron Paul on just about everything except defense and foreign policy. To me the negatives outweigh the positives. I also know that if Paul were to get the nomination, Obama or some other Democrat will win, and we will be doomed. It may already be too late for us to turn things around without going through the kind of rough times that will touch all of us.

        • tmheldt78

          Empire builders love to point to World War II to justify their war-mongering.
          Should the U.S. have invaded Russia when they became dangerous as well?

          • The US is not an “empire”, sorry. If you want to understand what an “empire” is, go read history about Rome, or take a look at the USSR and their eastern Europe “Satellites.” Or look at England when they still had control of India and other places. The big difference between the US and an Empire – generally in an Empire money flows from the occupied countries to the home country of the Empire in tribute, slaves, or whatever. With the US, the money is going the other way. Listen to your chosen one Ron Paul – he will tell you that’s the biggest problem with all of these wars. We are trying to be the worlds policeman – that is not “empire”, and I agree with Ron Paul that much of the time it’s not good. But you have to look at each situation when making decisions.The US should act in it’s own self interest. Having the M.E. or Europe overrun by radical Islam is going to take another Charles Martel or John Sobieski to stop (Google them and learn). The US is the only country with the will and the power to step into that role, but probably not with the idiot we have in the White House now. We are still early yet – but look at what Turkey is doing – they are trying to use the “Arab Spring” and hatred of Israel to re-build the Ottoman Empire. Bury your head in the sand about this if you want to – that is what the US did between 1918 and 1941. We won’t have the time to prepare this time, if we follow Ron Paul’s positions on this. 

          • RFN

            Bob, I agree with you.  Ron Paul doesn’t think the US is an empire, but rather the world’s policeman. I do disagree with you in regards to the threats from the muslim states, however.   9/11 was due to too much bureacracy and internecine fighting among agencies.  Paul seems to understand that defense starts at home, meaning the border.  He would be strong at that, imho.  Do the jihadists hate us for our freedoms?  Of course, but they just as much hate us for our interminable interference in their affairs.  They will always hate us, for the west is the devil.  The hope, and it’s a long one, is that the islamic countries learn to police their own.  I doubt that is going to happen this millenium, but we don’t need to spend any more capital in money, and more importantly blood, to get the savages to join in this thing called civilization.  And for the more sensitive among this crowd, no, I don’t think all muslims are savages.  The muslims who call themselves muslims but disregard the actions and words of the goat fucker, muhammed, are alright by me.  It’s the islamists that need to go.

          • Fenian

            Sounds like you have all the answers Bob, why isn’t everything all hunkey-dorey, as you are parroting the right-wing conservo-masters manifesto?

        • Fenian

          Just keep watching FOX Bob, then the world will seem to be the way you want it. And if you want to try and use history, at least get it right.  Sir Neville Chamberlain only tried to appease Hitler after he had already tried to grab Lebensraum, not before, and it was on the condition he didn’t try and grab anymore “raum”.  Nice try jackass; dont play on the weaknesses of the ignorant.

  • Was just on the Daily Paul – he had several polls on there showing how he won, but they were all less than 200 people. Easy to stack by Paul’s enthusiastic fan base. I think if Ron Paul thought there was anything to this garbage you guys are pushing he would have put those numbers up there too. But no, he only posted the ones where he won with the likes of 93 votes or 32 votes or 22 votes. It’s fine to stand behind your favorite guy, but come on – what you put on this site is as misleading as all of the 9-11 truther garbage. Yawn.

    • Factorniner

      Bob Boring:

      The actual numbers wereRon Paul: 39.27% (27, 573 votes)Mitt Romney: 22.89% (16, 073 votes)Rick Perry: 12.8% (8, 898 votes)Herman Cain: 10.81% (7, 592 votes)Newt Gingrich: 6.99% (4, 906 votes)Michele Bachmann: 2.25% (1,578 votes)Gary Johnson: 1.95% (1,366 votes)John Huntsman: 1.59% (1,118 votes)Rick Santorum: 1.44% (1,014 votes)

      Quit boring us troll.

      Looks like you’ve made the troll radar, Suede. Congrats!

      • You didn’t read my post very well, moron. I’m asking why, if your numbers are really correct, they were not posted on the front page of the Daily Paul? Don’t you think he would have rather put those numbers up there than numbers where the population of the poll was under 200 people? Use your head – your numbers are fake or Paul would be touting them. 

  • Anonymous

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