Feds Bar Medical Marijuana Users From Firearms

There is no exception to tyranny.

You will comply slave –  no matter how ridiculous the laws are.

Never mind that if you have multiple DUI convictions, misdemeanor assaults, and a few bar fights under your belt,  you are A-OK to buy as many “assault” rifles as you please.  Just be sure not to smoke a joint.

Ask yourself if we should expect anything less from an agency that calls itself by a name that would be more appropriately suited to a convenience store.

Infowars provides some additional background information.

  • nyse

    Decisions, decisions…

  • chris

    The federal government can’t take away a right.

    • No, they can’t.

      But they can shoot you dead for disobeying their tyrannical orders.

      • chris

        Yes there is a “No Quarter” policy in effect. The government hates on grass because they don’t want anyone growing industrial hemp. I think industrial hemp could stop globalization in it’s tracks.

  • Ydread

    Surely it would be a preferable state of affairs not to feel the need to buy weapons intended for the killing of people regardless of whether you have a criminal history or ‘medicate’ ?