NASA Tries To Hide Comet Impacting The Sun Creating An Explosion

This video is further confirmation of the EU theory of comets.

Because comets are charged bodies, when they get close to the Sun they will disrupt the electrical stability of the Sun’s double layers causing a coronal mass ejection.

This imagery is highly embarrassing for the standard theorists.

They have no possible explanations for the imagery. They will ignore it and pretend it does not exist. Just like they have for every other video of a comet impacting the Sun and creating a CME. This is at least the third such event that I can recall seeing. There are probably more that we are unaware of because they scrubbed that imagery as well.

Keep in mind the object heading toward the Sun is most likely only a few miles wide, while the explosion that is coming off the Sun is the size of a planet.

Here are a few other such events showing what happens when a comet gets too close to the Sun:

And for a complete EU theory explaination for what you are seeing, watch this video:

If you want to watch the complete video of Thunderbolts of the Gods, click here.

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    Good one.

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