Cop Slams HS Student Into Table For “Stealing” His Sister’s Purse – Books Him For Theft

A high school student stole his sister’s purse during a lunch time prank and was subsequently assaulted by a police officer for refusing to turn it over to an administrator rather than giving it back directly to his sister.

In response to this, the police officer slammed the kid into a table, handcuffed him, and hauled him down to the police station for booking.

Watch the outrageous actions of the cop and the school faculty during the altercation which was recorded by another student.  The faculty demanded that the student who recorded the video delete the video and images of the assault by the pig.

The kid charged with theft states his sister didn’t want him arrested and was OK with him holding on to her purse.  Of course, once the tyrants got hold of the girl’s purse, they searched it without consent.  They also never bothered to read the juvenile his rights or offer him legal council once they had kidnapped him.

  • Fulanito3244

    that’s why I do not like police they abuse of their power, never will, hate cops!

  • Patricia Kelly Benedict/Swick

    Looks like out of many good and outstanding officers, this one clearly is not!  Officer Murphy’s resignation is in order! The teachers and principal that was all present needs to resign as well if they consider this ok and continue to have an obvious abuser continue to patrol their school! If this is their idea of safety then they fail big time! Shame on them! Get this to your local news outlet pronto, find a descent attorney and get all their sad rear ends busted for the disgusting display of people who are in abuse of power! This was totally non professional of who we trust to help protect our children, our elderly and our community….Ms. Patricia Kelly Benedict