Average Man Demands Communist Explain Why He Should Be Forced To Pay For His College

This video of a communist being confronted by a rational human being had me rolling on the floor laughing.

The interviewer asks the communist why anyone should be forced to pay for his college education, hilarity ensues.

Interviewer:  “From my perspective, you’ve basically written stuff that you want on a sign like a Christmas list and then you’re holding it in the air.”

Communist Insurgent:  “Yeah, why not?”


  • chris

    Once the bankers started lending people currency for college the prices skyrocketed. That is a fact.

    • One thing that has always cracked me up – the left always talks about how healthcare, energy, or other things they want to control have “skyrocketed” in price, but they never talk about College, which has been just as bad. Guess its OK for their  lefty college employee buddies to earn plenty of money and a great pension…….

    • Paul Trombley

      Chris, a positive correlation between two phenomena, A & B, is not itself sufficent to demonstrate that A is a cause of B, or B, a cause of A. Furthermore, you neglected to cite credible evidence which supports your claim, not to mention to state the conclusion that you insinuated. Banal repetition, e.g. “this is a fact”, of the claim doesn’t count.

      In fact, while it’s plausible to suppose that the bankers’ lending is a cause of increased college tuition and housing costs, it does not necessarily follow that such lending is responsible for most of the cost increases. It could be that government subsidization, for example, is a greater cause.

      • Well most of the student loan lending is subsidised, so the lending is a subset of the subsidy.

  • I got a big kick out of this too – LOL.

  • Jason Calley

    I agree that the young guy being interviewed had not much of a clue, but the interviewer seemed to me to be equally clueless. IF (and note the capital letters indicating big “if”) the USA were some sort of free market, then the video would have been more understandable. The fact is, tax rates, tax exceptions, legislation, regulations — these are all to greater or smaller extent designed to reward people who buy off politicians and to punish people who have not bought off politicians. In practice, this means that regular, middle class people have no chance to engage the big corporations in free trade and with equality under the law.

    The young guy realizes (correctly) that he is screwed by the system, but thinks (wrongly) that the solution is to screw someone else. The interviewer seems to think (wrongly) that the system is not slanted. They are both wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Your assertion that the U.S. is not a free market is absolutely correct.  I didn’t hear the interviewer expressing anything contrary to that point, however.  Can you amplify what makes you conclude that the interviewer thinks the system is not slanted?

    • He hasn’t given any evidence that he was screwed by the system.  He makes claims that it turns out are wrong, then just says that he wants something so someone else should pay for it.  He has no idea what caused the problems and in fact people like him, who want free stuff from the government and don’t stop to realise the effect of giving it, are the primary cause.  The interviewer never said the system was not slanted.

  • chris

    Paul Trombley – You know I watched a movie on how college loans have go to the moon sense 1970. I cannot remember the name of the movie or who suggested I should watch it. One thing I remember about it was in 1970 you could graduate with a four year degree and have about $2000.00 in debt. You then when to work and went into debt for a house. Today your in debt as soon as your out of school never mind getting the house debt. Of course the loans are government as well as banks. I think banks and government are pretty well intertwined at this point. 

  • PBisDONE

    I have a professional degree and am now retired. I paid 80k for my education. Based on this product of our vastly overrated educational process I am waiting for my refund in the mail… RIGHT?