Warning: Handwritten Labels On Packages Could Result In Your Privacy Being Violated

A recent article from The Smoking Gun tells us about a couple of US Post Office workers who stole several pounds of marijuana from a package that was being shipped through the postal system.

While most people would bash the postal workers for stealing the pot and selling it, rather than reporting it; I find it far more troubling that postal workers are rooting through people’s mail without good probable cause.  Of course, I also don’t think the shipment of vegetable matter through the postal system constitutes a “crime”.

But setting aside the fact that spending tax payer money to imprison people for the sale and distribution of vegetable matter is a massive waste of productive resources, I was very curious just how these postal employees happened to determine that the package in question was worth looting.

The criminal complaint against the workers provides us the answer:

So, basically if you ship a package that weights 12 lbs from California and use a handwritten label, your package may be searched and possibly pilfered by US Post Office employees.

This is what constitutes “probable cause” by the US government.  Consider that had the postal workers reported, rather than pilfered, the box in question, it is highly likely that the contents of the package would have been examined anyways by postal inspectors.

The question we should be asking ourselves is this:  Should a 12 lbs package being shipped from CA with a handwritten label constitute grounds for a search of that package’s contents by agents of the State?

This is a prime example of the “War On Vegetable Matter” eroding the privacy rights of the citizenry.