Iraq War Over – Troop Withdraw

I’ll believe it when I see it.

There is no way the terrorists running our government would end that conflict.

I just wanted to go on the record stating that something stinks about this whole business.

We shall see.

Iraq War Over, US Troops Coming Home, Obama Says

America’s long and deeply unpopular war in Iraq will be over by year’s end and all U.S. troops “”will definitely be home for the holidays,” President Barack Obama declared Friday.

Stretching more than eight years, the war cost the United States heavily: More than 4,400 members of the military have been killed, and more than 32,000 have been wounded.

The final exit date was sealed after months of intensive talks between Washington and Baghdad failed to reach agreement on conditions for leaving several thousand U.S. troops in Iraq as a training force. The U.S. also had been interested in keeping a small force to help the Iraqis deal with possible Iranian meddling.

The task now is to speed the pullout of the remaining U.S. forces, nearly 40,000 in number.

Staying behind in Iraq, where bombings and other violence still occur, will be some 150-200 U.S. military troops as part of embassy security, the defense attaché’s office and the office of security cooperation. That’s common practice but still a danger to American forces.

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  • Is the mercenary army also leaving or are they staying?

    • Good question Christian. 

      Why do I have the feeling that mercs will continue to operate there for rest of that country’s history.  I can see them handing over control to the Iraqi’s, but then having the Iraqi’s pay the mercs with oil money to keep them in power.

  • Dennis

    I believe that there will be a large number of military “contractors” (i.e. mercenaries) remaining in the country after the remainder of U.S. troops leave.

  • Jordan

    15,000 troops will be left to “guard” the gargantuan Embassy in Iraq. I’d say 15,000 that still counts as occupation.