Bitcoin: Jem Bendell – The Money Myth

Jem talks about the nature of money and how Bitcoins are revolutionizing the way we engage in trade with each other in this TED talk.

Jem isn’t exactly an Austrian economist, but I find his speech to be compelling and important in a few ways.  First, the crowd Jem is addressing are the movers and shakers of the media business.  TED talks are fairly elitist in nature, so it is very nice to see a person denouncing our current monetary system to a crowd of globalists.  Second, I find his delivery style to be quite engaging.

Hopefully Jem made a few converts with his speech.

Jem Bendell is a professor and the owner-director of Lifeworth Consulting, providing solutions for systemic change towards sustainable development. For 16 years he has consulted with business, United Nations (UN) and civil society, while writing over 100 publications on the social responsibility of organisations.

In TEDxTransmedia he denounces the crisis in the monetary system.

  • It doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out. I will take many geniuses to convince everyone they’ve been living a proverbial lie and to change their perspectives about the facilitation of human action. People like Mr. Bendell and countless others, discussing this openly to break the collective trance and conceptual prejudice.

    Millions of people know the score but think it futile to try and change this. They are just afraid of the unknown. (and to some extent, the peer police) When everyone is afraid of the unknown, nothing gets done.