State Takes Kids From Parents Over Their Names

I found this series of stories to be good for a laugh, as well as being very disturbing:

Dec 17, 2008: “Nein” Cake for You, Little Adolf 

VIDEO: 3-Year Old Adolf Hitler Causes Cake Mess

Dec 20, 2008: “Adolf Hitler’s” Parents Want Apology

Dec. 20, 2008: Wal-Mart Taking Heat for “Adolf Hitler” Cake

Dec. 23, 20008: Hitler Cake Death Threat Sent to Wrong Family

VIDEO: Jan. 14, 2009: Adolf Hitler Campbell & Sisters Taken From Home

Jan 16, 2009: Adolf Hitler, Sisters, Taken from Parents

Jan 19, 2009: Hitler’s Mom Speaks Out, Defies Court Order 

Hitler’s Parents Claim Judge Found No Abuse of Little Adolf, Aryan Nation

Of course, I’m laughing at the names and I’m disturbed by the State’s actions.

As far as I can tell, the State DID take those kids from their parents based solely on their names.  While the State has issued press statements that accuse the parents of child abuse, in all of those articles, the State never articulates exactly what the alleged “abuse” is.

Consider that if the State actually did have evidence that the parents were abusing those kids, I’m 100% sure they would have charged those parents with abuse by now.  Those kids have been kidnapped by the State for two years now, with no charges filed against the parents.  That should tell you something about the legitimacy of the State’s claims against these parents.

The State took those kids from their parents based on nothing more than the kid’s names.  Some faceless bureaucrat decided they didn’t like the names, so they ordered in a goon squad (without any trial or criminal charges) to kidnap those kids from their parents.

If you have kids, this should put the fear of god into you.

Imagine if they had decided to name their kids Ayn Rand and John Galt.  I’m sure the State would have sent in the Navy SEALs.


  • Freedomist

    The lesson here is: don’t name your children Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein or Julian Assange.

  • LessGov76

    It is sad that the links don’t work. This seems like a fun topic to scroll through.

  • As a result of this pattern, it was considered extremely odd within the rules of Arthurian society when a knight refused to take off his helmet or reveal his identity, even after he had won a duel. Sometimes this happened because the victorious knight simply did not know his own name, as was the case withLancelot and Percival during their early careers. This inability to reveal their own names even in victory led many to assume incorrectly that they were trying to insult the vanquished.