Proof That Marijuana May Cure Cancer

Of course, we all know that marijuana has no accepted medical use, because the State says so.

Wait a minute… I swore I just saw another State operated website that said something different.

I find the department name of the scheduling website to be fucking hilarious given the content of their site.

They are doing a good job diverting people’s attention away from the fact that we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars locking up the youth of this nation for the heinous crime of smoking harmless vegetable matter that has medicinal properties.

The facts of the matter are that smoked marijuana is safer to consume than caffeine and that the medicinal benefits of consuming smoked marijuana are greater than the branded products put out by big pharma because the marijuana plant naturally creates a tremendous amount of different cannabinoids that are not present in synthesized products.

Government is the corporate gun.

Big pharma can’t make money from plants that people can grow in their back yard.

The domestic paper industry, which controls most of the forestry in this nation through its leasing of federal and state lands, would face serious competition from start-up paper producers if those start-up paper producers could get their pulp products from hemp fields, which are not subject to forestry conservation control laws.

The petroleum industry would also face serious competition from hemp producers because hemp can be turned into composite plastics that are more durable and lighter than steel.  Henry Ford actually produced a car that used hemp plastic composites for body panels instead of steel.  Hemp can also be turned into oil and fuel products at efficiency rates that rival traditional petroleum production methods.

And of course, hemp is the most durable and economical coarse textile fiber known to man.  Cotton producers would get run out of businesses, and the cost of textile products would drop precipitously due to the fact that hemp fiber is far cheaper to produce than cotton fiber.

  • Cmcmahon

    Seeing is believing and the petri dishes at the end tell the tail.

  • Cmcmahon

    I suppose it would be the tale and not the tail.

  • Donald Carroll

    While I agree that there are various special interests involved in keeping the harmless substance illegal, I would venture to say that the cotton industry is not one of them.  Way before marijuana was illegal, cotton was king.  It’s best to pin the continued war on marijuana on big pharma, and the correctional officers unions, which are probably the two entities that have the most to lose if weed is legalized.

    • That is not true.  Cotton was king only because an automated system of turning raw hemp into usable fiber had not been invented yet.  Around the time such a system was invented, hemp was outlawed. Hemp would easily over-take cotton as the fiber of choice for clothing if it wasn’t illegal today. It is a matter of simple economics. Hemp is cheaper, more durable, and more efficient to produce than cotton.