Authorities Raid Picnic In Nevada – Force Chef To Pour Bleach On Good Food

State authoritarians recently raided a picnic at an organic farm after State health authorities were informed that the farm was hosting a picnic without their permission.  The raid took place at the Quail Hollow Farm,  operated by Laura and Monty Bledsoe, which is a type of Community Supported Agricultural farm.

CSA farms basically bypass retail markets and sell their goods directly to consumers by using a “membership” type model, such as Costco employs.   Obviously such a model means consumers get incredibly fresh, cheap organic produce because the food bypasses the major food processing plants and their associated distribution chains.  It also means that the farm operates as a type of private club, which is generally subject to different rules than a public retail outlet.

The Quail Hollow Farm hosted a “farm to fork” event, where the public could come and sample the fresh organic meat and produce that the farm produced.  The farm had hired a professional chef and a professional catering kitchen truck to prepare and serve their food to their guests.  However, the farm made one critical mistake in its preparations for this event; they forgot that everyone must ask permission from the State before they can engage in any kind of commerce.

Once State authoritarians learned that the farm was hosting a picnic without their permission, they descended like flies upon a dying carcass.  The authoritarians demanded the farm purchase permission from them to host the event or face an enormous fine; which the farm agreed to do.  But clearly, this just wasn’t good enough for the authoritarians.

After purchasing permission to host the event from the Nevada Health District, the farm was told that the permit would be delivered by a health inspector on the day of the event.  So the farm went about preparing for the event as it normally would, fully expecting to be issued a permit on the day of the picnic.  Well it turns out that Mary G. Oakes, the health inspector for the event, didn’t show up until their guests were arriving!

By the time the inspector showed up, the farm had already begun preparation of the food for the event.  This threw the inspector into an authoritarian rage, who began yelling “NOTHING TAKES PLACE UNTIL YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!”  When the farmers asked why they couldn’t continue preparing food as the inspection was underway, the inspector simply stamped her feet and said “because I said so.” – no valid reason was ever provided.

Since the farmers had begun preparing food without her permission, the inspector decided to drum up any reason she could to shut down the event.  So the inspector came up with four specific reasons why the food was not fit for human consumption.  Those reasons being:

1.  No labels on the food – [Which isn’t a valid reason because State law has a grace period of three days from the time of harvest before labels must be applied.  And obviously, labels have nothing to do with the quality of the food in question.]

2.  Some meat was not USDA certified – [Again, this is not a valid reason.  Because this meat was grown and sold on the farm itself, it is not required to undergo a USDA inspection.]

3.  Some meat was not up to temperature – [The professional chef and catering service were in the process of heating the food when she took the temperature readings.]

4.   The cut vegetables were considered a biohazard!  I kid you not.

 Clearly this inspector’s claims were totally outrageous.  Further, everyone attending the picnic was willing to consume the food regardless of the claims made by the authoritarian, but the authoritarian decided that they were simply too dumb to know what was best for themselves.   So the authoritarian ordered all of the food destroyed  – we are talking a tremendous quantity of food being destroyed here.

The farmers begged and pleaded with the inspector to at least let them salvage some use for the food by allowing them to feed it to their livestock – but the inspector even refused this!

THE INSPECTOR FORCED THE FARM TO POUR BLEACH OVER THE PERFECTLY GOOD FOOD IN ORDER TO RENDER IT UNUSABLE FOR ANY PURPOSE – INCLUDING COMPOSTING.  So not only was the farm out of food to serve its customers, but the farm couldn’t even compost the aftermath because of being forced to pollute the food with bleach.

Unfortunately, the farm failed to immediately contact their legal representation when the inspector began making outrageous demands.  However, after things began unraveling, the farm made a call to their lawyer who advised them to ask the inspector if she had an arrest or search warrant, and to escort her off the property if she did not have one on her person.

The inspector did not have a warrant, so she was escorted off the property.  But the story doesn’t end there!  The inspector came back with the police!

After returning with the police in tow, the inspector began making the same outrageous demands and ordered the police to arrest the farmers for kicking her off the farm.  Fortunately for the farmers, the police who responded to the call did not feel that the inspector had a legitimate criminal complaint, and so they refused to arrest the farmers for kicking her off their farm.

During all of this, the farmers simply wanted to know why the inspector was making all these outrageous demands and why they couldn’t serve the food to willing consumers who knew full well what kind of food was being served.  The inspector’s repeated response was “because I said so.”

Of course, the State is simply looking out for your best interests as consumers.  They would never destroy small farms simply because they bypassed Big Ag’s distribution chain of looters.  They simply have your health and safety in mind.  The State is your friend.  The State helps businesses prosper by forcing them to destroy perfectly good organic food.  After reading this article, I hope you stop by McDonalds and pick up some nice USDA approved choice beef that has been steroid injected to the hilt while being served on a bun of processed and genetically modified wheat.



If you would like to contact Mary G. Oakes about her behavior, her contact information is provided here:

Mary G. Oakes, PhD, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist II, and Squasher of the Quail Hollow Farm Farm to Fork dinner event:
(702) 759-1681 office
(702) 538-6424 cell

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  • D Davis

    i wonder what was wrong with the chef that he OBEYED the dictates of a state nazi. Why did he not resist? why did he not tell them where to go and give them directions? That’s right! american’s are slaves and know it. They never resist anything one of their overseers demands. insane. that state operative should have been escorted immediately and the chef had no obligation to destroy the food. he did so only because his master told him to and he acknowledges that tax feeding parasite had the legitimate right to demand he do so. 

    • evan grider

      The only thing I see unfit for human consumptions is that womans “advice”.

  • Christian

    They asked for it when they applied for a permit. You don’t have to contract with the state to eat food you produce.

  • NW

    Mary G. Oakes, you should be ashamed of yourself. Who in their right mind would waste perfectly good food, when we have so many hungry families in our country? Destroying the food so that it couldn’t be used elsewhere on the farm was ridiculous, as well. Another fine example of a government employee with a God complex abusing her “power”. Grown women shouldn’t throw temper tantrums. It’s very unbecoming… 

  • gly

    Mary Oakes is a bush pig.

  • J Labaw

    Thank God the police did not comply with Oakes. If they had it surely would have been even a sadder outcome. Keep in mind government authorites are just the marionettes of corporate agriculture. The marionettes do not have brains but large corporations do along with their unyeilding power.

  • Anonymous

    Someone should follow this sow around. . . if she goes into a restaurant to eat – run in, pour bleach on her meal, run out. Repeat as necessary, or as desired.
    I wish this had happened near my home in Cali – I have a brand-new bottle of Clorox in the garage.

  • 100 years ago Mary G. Oakes would have disappeared, forever. At least now she will live with the morally aware knowing that she’s a piece-of-shit.

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  • Rexhess

    Her response to ” Why are you here? ”  ” That’s all the information you need, I do have a personal life, too.”  certainly would lead one to believe that she doesn’t know that as a state representative she  probably does have to answer the question and even more simply, no one was asking her about her personal life. Ignorance and arrogance at large.

  • Handy-randy

    Sorry, you have reached a number that is no longer in service is all I got when I tried the office #–bless our handlers
    R taylor

  • Jake Rocheleau

    lolol omfg

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  • INFURIATING!!  I wish I had been there!

  • ghostsniper

    You can see what this gov’t wretch looks like right here:

    Ed Martin has it right, this Mary Oaks should be captured, gutted, beheaded and left hanging on a rural tree limb as an example of what will happen to gov’t tyrants.

  • G.E.R.R.Y.

    She’s a Ph.D.? How did that POS manage to get any letters other than POS after her name?

  • I so look forward to the defunding of not only the E.P.A., but the Dept. of Agriculture. That loss of authority should trickle down to our arrogant and socialistic state health departments. I truly hope that the next president has the backbone to do the job, and then let them either begin small, with only comment sense powers.

    Mary Oaks seems to enjoy her authority. I won’t overly judge her because I treated a census worker last year in much the same way. We are to be counted. My age, income, how many toilets I had etc, were questions never meant to be asked. I enjoyed ignoring many of the invasion of privacy questions.

  • Anonymous

    America, land of the free……my ass. 

  • eksploited

    I shouldn’t be reading stuff like this because I have really reactive tendencies

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