Roger Ver’s Fantastic Bitcoin Interview

An awesome interview that covers all sorts of topics related to Bitcoin.

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  • Roger Ver

    Thanks for sharing spreading this!  Murray Rothbard is my intelectual hero!  – Roger Ver

  • BSpc

    Here’s some parts:


    “That’s why they have an entire force of armed man to go after you if you try to do that. It’s the U.S. government system for handle counterfeiting.”

    “But Bitcoin doesn’t have a group of armed man.”

    “How Bitcoin handle counterfeiting?”


    “Bitcoins are protected by the rules of mathematics.”

    “If you point a gun at the rules of mathematics they are not gonna flinch. They don’t care if you are pointing a gun at them or not.”

    Nice interview.



    “I just think that it’s gonna help set the world free. It’s gonna let people have control over their own money.”

    “And that’s what people are so upset about, with all the bailouts in the USA. The only reason that was able to happen it’s because the government can print as much money as they want and do whatever they want. If the world was using Bitcoins, the bailouts would have been impossible. They can’t take your bitcoins, they can’t make fake bitcoins, they can’t give imaginary bitcoins to someone else.”


    “It’s true decentralization of the money suply.”

    “It doesn’t require anything central. There’s no Bitcoin Head Office. There’s no Bitcoin Corporation. There’s no vault for the Feds to go and raid. There’s no server farm for them to take offline. It’s COMPLETELY untouchable by the federal government or ANY government.”


    “You have 100% control over your own money.”

    sorry for any typo, one more excerpt:


    “Hi, I just tunned in. I was wondering: what backs up Bitcoins? What makes Bitcoin worth money?”


    “Basically, because people agree that they worth money and they are incredible useful as a currency. You can send them anywhere in the world instantly without anyone getting involved.”


    “If you love Liberty, you should love Bitcoin.”

  • Husk-Erzulie

    Michael, thank you so much for posting this.  Bitcoin is getting more and more exciting and I am happy that, thanks to you, I am aware of its growth and potential.  Keep up the good work friend, and keep posting about it on ZH (for folks who are supposedly intellectual and open minded they sure beat you up on this subject, that’s the way it goes with revolutionary ideas man) I am going to start linking this post on those occasions when I chime in over there.  Keep up the good work!

  • This imformation is a great help. Try to keep your imformation. I and other people need to understand about it. Thank you !