Anarchast Ep. 16 with Michael Suede of

I’m very excited and pleased to present you with the Anarchast interview I conducted with Jeff Berwick.


In this weeks episode we speak with Michael Suede of
Topics Include:
  • How Ron Paul created yet another anarchist
  • Private police are already the norm, not the exception in the US
  • Climate-Gate from the anarchists perspective
  • How the pharmaceutical industry suppresses competition through regulation
  • Suppression of competition through regulations
  • The electric universe theory and why it is the most free-thinking friendly version of cosmology
  • Cosmology is just as corrupted as the other sciences co-opted by statist academics
  • How our society is still barely out of the caves
  • The Cult of the State
  • How Anarchy causes you to distrust everything your told by the State

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  • Ehe

    You’re awesome!

  • SuzieQ

    I love Anarchast!  And this was the best one yet, great job Michael!