Daily Show Cranks Another One Out of The Park: Ron Paul Debate Exclusion

Stewart slams the so-called Christian conservative GOP nominees on their unfettered loyalty to the Jewish State.

Stewart hilariously points out the ridiculousness of Christian conservatives bending over backwards to steal money from Americas to support a State that supposedly killed the God they believe in.

To be clear, I have absolutely nothing against Jews.  Two of my favorite economists are Jewish, Murray Rothbard and Walter Block.  However, I certainly have a problem with a gang of criminals stealing my money from me at gun point, and then handing it to another gang of foreign criminals on my behalf in order to prop up their violent looting State.

  • Michael, um, that video almost made me sick. Not Jon Stewart, he is good, but the nonsense, the junk they trick the average person with.  So many wrongs on top of wrongs on top of a wrong, and then, one can speak about something, after weaning through all the wrongs.