More Elitists via Venn Diagrams

GEKE.US  brings us some more fantastic diagrams of crony-capitalism.

please be sure to credit Geke.US when using this image.

  • Geke

    The EPJ used my diagrams without altering them. You have altered them by removing my logo, the GEKE.US brand. Please see the Creative Commons license regarding these images.
    Stephanie Herman, GEKE.US

    • Smellsbad

      😀 neat. We have obvious irony. I like obvious irony. Anybody else like obvious irony? I hope you do!

    • Sorry about that, I didn’t create this composite image.  I got it from a reddit post.  I’ll be sure to credit you.

  • Darkbuba

    Say, snaking someone else’s work and then not crediting them is way outside of the acceptable.  Don’t care if you have a respect for copyrights or not, they were shared publicly with the expectation that anyone using them would be responsible enough to acknowledge their origin.

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie and I had a discussion about using a copyright on her work and she agreed that was not what she wanted.  She chose instead to license her work using a Creative Commons license and is happy for people to share her work as long as the attribution remain intact.

  • Factorniner

    Thanks for posting these, Suede. I went to the site, Geke.US and just found a new favorite site!