Newspaper Chaired By Private Equity Head Shockingly Endorses Mitt Romney For President

Zero Hedge reports:

A few hours ago the Des Moines Register threw its support behind the Bain Capital founder, and the man now known to have actively destroyed any trace of his public “service” before his 2007 Massachusettes office handover (with a pending response to a Reuters FOIA, which will disclose just what it was that Romney was so tenuously shredding). Because according to the Iowan newspaper, Mitt Romney “is the best to lead” America, although into what, is not quite clear – perhaps the biggest Fed funded LBO (with a Bain Capital $1 mezz piece) of all time, that of America? We don’t know. And neither does the Register’s editorial board. What they do know are hollow adjectives, such as “sobriety”, “wisdom” and “judgment” which somehow are applicable to Romney, if not so much “betting” and “shredding.” Those looking for a late night laugh can read the OpEd below (link to tomorrow’s front page here). And ironically, while likely set to provide a very short-term boost to Romney’s chances, it is the baseless ongoing accusations against Ron Paul that will likely solidify the groundswell behind the Texan, with such desperate platitudes as “Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology would lead to economic chaos and isolationism, neither of which this nation can afford.” Because what America certainly needs is more of that old ideology of doing everything just the same and hoping for the best, because if there is anything Romney’s would be predecessors have taught us is that hope apparently is a credible strategy. But perhaps most relevant is the reminder that the Des Moines Register is a Gannett company whose Chairman just happens to be one Marjorie Magner, whose bio reads:

Ms. Magner, 61, is Managing Partner of Brysam Global Partners, a private
equity firm investing in financial services firms with a focus on consumer opportunities in emerging markets founded in January 2007. 
She was Chairman and CEO of Citigroup’s Global Consumer Group from 2003 to 2005. She served in various roles at Citigroup, and a predecessor company, CitiFinancial (previously Commercial Credit), since 1987. Ms. Magner currently serves as a director of Accenture Ltd. and Ally Financial Inc. and served as a director of The Charles Schwab Corporation from February 2006 to May 2008. Ms. Magner has broad business experience and financial expertise from the various senior management roles she held with Citigroup.

We will let readers find the other curious Gannett board members who just may have some conflicts of interest with a Ron Paul presidency.

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One more reason not to trust the establishment media.  It is interesting to note that the Des Moines Register article NEVER ONCE mentioned the name of Ron Paul, who is leading the field in Iowa.   The Register is attempting to frame the race as being between Mitt Romney and Newt The Grinch, while ignoring the leading candidate in Iowa polls entirely.  The omission of Paul from the article is enough to show just how ridiculous the Register’s OpEd is.  This is the media trying to chose who should be president, rather than doing honest journalism.