New Look For Libertarian News – Feedback Welcomed

I’ve pretty much finished up modifying the site to incorporate some pretty nifty new features.  I’d love to hear your opinions on the new look and feel.

* The main picture display on the home page is set to display articles that fall into the “Featured” category.

* Posts now have the ability to display featured images, which are separate from the main post.

* The Recent Comments sidebar has received a make over, as well as the User Submitted Articles.

* I’ve removed the Recent Articles sidebar as well as the Latest News Articles main section.  Let me know if you would like to see them back in the main page.

* The back end of the code has been upgraded to a premium theme package that allows for a lot more flexibility and more frequent updates.

* The Latest News Feeds section has had all of that white space removed from it so that all the RSS feeds are stacked nice and tight together.

* The current BTC price image has been adjusted to come from a more reliable source.

* Google translation services are now incorporated into the blog.

* Posts can now span the entire width of the blog, allowing for full size video posts and images.



  • nonanon

    you might want to replace the top banner as well, otherwise I like it

    • yeah I actually agree, its time for a change.

      making a good banner is time consuming.  I’ll have to sit down this weekend when I have some time and create a slicker image.

  • Leaf Stoned

     US libertarians need to
    laugh at the other parties, all look the same anyway, that’s why I put together
    this blog 4 us, and why I’m sharing it with you. We gotta laugh, or go nuts,
    right !


    Thanks, guys and dolls,
    for being there.