16 Year Old Girl Charged With Terrorism Conspiracy

Ottumwa  Courier reports:

OTTUMWA — An Ottumwa High School student has been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Police arrested Emily Kay Six, 16, Ottumwa, on Thursday. Officials said they began investigating after Six allegedly began trying to recruit students for what police called “a plan to harm a number of students.”

The charge is a Class D felony. Six was taken to a juvenile detention facility following her arrest.

Police Chief Jim Clark said Six’s plans were stopped before they could be acted upon. The investigation is ongoing, though, and Clark would not comment on whether others may have been aware of Six’s efforts.

Under the charge of terrorism, Emily faces:

-Extraordinary rendition into the hands of foreign governments where she could be legally tortured to give up information on her fellow conspirators.

-Indefinite detention without the right to a trial.

-Incarceration at a military installation, overseas or domestically, under military jurisdiction.

-Water boarding, sleep deprivation, deafening sounds, and other forms of “approved” torture at the hands of US authorities.

-Summary execution by presidential order.

-and other heinous violations of her civil rights.

While clearly I don’t think Emily will face any of these possible outcomes, what if Emily was a dark skinned 30 year old woman conspiring with men of similar ilk in a local temple?  Does that somehow change the appropriate response of the State?  If so, why?

The fact that the State is coming after a 16 year old with terrorism charges should frighten the day lights out of you.  We can rest assured that such charges will become more common place as society devolves in to civil unrest caused by the implosion of the monetary system.  The State could have charged her with conspiracy to commit murder, mayhem, assault, or any other personal type of crime that people commit against one another; yet they didn’t.  They chose to come after her with terrorism charges because these are the most vague laws that provide the State with the most latitude in prosecuting her.

When it comes to putting people behind bars, the State always takes the path of least resistance.

  • Akagaga

    This truly turns my stomach.  It’s one thing to be aware of police state tactics, keeping track of the congressional gutting of the constitution.  It’s another thing entirely when it actually begins. 
    God help us all.

  • Guest

    Seriously? No way will that happen. Why the scare tactics? Those are the tools of the right, must you use them as well? This girl was accused of terrorism for conspiring to hurt other people. The courts will decide if she is guilty, and if she is, she should be treated with humanity in mind. If she is not guilty, she will be released. Shame on you for exploiting a sixteen-year-old girl for doing something WRONG. Would you not think a gunman in your most recent school should be punished???

    • Strfowens

      What makes you think she will even get a trial? According to Section 1031 of the Defense bill Congress just passed, she could be detained indefinitely without due process. She lost her right to a trial when they charged her with terrorism! They are testing this law, and her parents need to fight for her rights as a citizen under the Constitution. The law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    • You obviously missed the point. She should have been charged with, oh IDK, bullying, or conspiracy to bully. By labeling everything as terrorism (which is exactly what will happen, case by case, precedent by precedent), and the Feds have limitless powers to do whatever they like with suspected “terrorists”, bypassing all basic due processes, constitutional guarantees, and even Geneva convention agreements… we are paving the road to Fascism.

      Our government is already very Fascistic, we just keep going down the same path.

      It’s not scare tactics to be afraid of something dangerous, and know what to do about it in order to avoid danger. That’s wisdom, prudence, caution. Trusting other people, no matter how well-intentioned, with that much power is asking for trouble.

    • I see you are not afraid by signing as “Guest”. The obvious point was the charge. You are naive and the one that should be ashamed for not using your brain. The point was well made that “terrorist” will become the easy charge and allow unrelenting tactics to get what ever result law enforcement wants.

  • Dwayne

    It is criminal to be sure, but not terrorism.  Ottumwa needs to get some help for the law enforcement there.  Take a deep breath people.  Then, go get some donuts and coffee.

  • The only way the government’s abuse of terrorism charges will be stopped is through the rise of actual popular terrorism. During the American Revolution in the late 18th century, the patriot Sons of Liberty kept the British troops fearing to set foot outside their safe zones.

    A lot of the alleged “terrorism” that the US government supposedly “prevents” is probably a series of publicity stunts that let the federal cops posture as heroes and provide the Department of Homeland Security with pretexts for increased covert surveillance of the public, for more laws that infringe on our freedoms, and for increased funding from Congress.

    Most of terrorists in the United States are US government agents, which makes the endless bluster about terrorism coming from federal mouths a whopping load of irony. The murder of Vicki Weaver was a terrorist act, and the terrorist was an FBI agent named Lon Horiuchi. The fire at Waco was probably another terrorist act, carried out by the US government as a political “message” to us Americans that we had better stay in our places. The federal murder of Gordon Kahl was again such a message.

    I’m really not nearly as worried about an occasional Andrew Joseph Stack or Tim McVeigh as I am about the much greater number of terrorists within federal law enforcement. It’s almost as if the US government were Israel and we Americans were the Palestinians.

  • hal hal7

    also, what alot of people seem to be missing, its take this whole damn thing out of the jurys hands, for there is no jury, or “JURY NULLIFICATION”  wala, now ya got the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,. so help me whatever……  🙁

  • hal hal7

    a 16 year old terrorist?
     give a damn break, “one break…coming up.”

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