Ron Paul Leads Drudge Poll With 250,000+ Votes Cast So Far

The Drudge Report is hosting an online caucus.  The results so far are pretty encouraging:

I anticipate Paul to pull slightly further ahead as the poll progresses.

And now for some humor.

Check out the reaction from the fascist warmongering peanut gallery over at Free Republic.  Here are a few quotes that made me LOL.  You can smell their desperation coming right through your monitor.

The quotes are alternated by indent between different respondents:

Looks like the Paulbot flying spam monkeys have been voting too.

Busy little critters aren’t they?

The Ronulans feel like doomsday cultists.

Paul supporters are really disciplined. Appears they put off smoking their first bowel till later in the day just so they’d remember to cast their vote.

The Paulite dopers are going to burn out their keyboards pimpin’ their guy on this

 I predict a lot of bong water will be spilled on keyboards this evening as the real returns come in and Paulheads desperately try to keep track of multiple changing numbers while typing the same sentence over and over after forgetting where they left the Doritos.

The kumbaya Paulites sit at computers all day just waiting for such an opportunity. Let’s all hope they’re too busy spamming Drudge to go to caucus tonight.

Effing paultard spam monkeys may be able to skew the Iowa caucuses which they’ve descended upon like a cloud of locusts, but they’ll have absolutely zero impact on the rest of the country. Zero percent is pretty close the the number he will receive in the rest of the 57 states.


LOL – keep on crying Freepers, your tears taste so sweet.