Fear and Greed: The Real Political Parties of the State

The State is the physical embodiment of two emotional states of being, those being fear and greed.  If all of humanity were to conquer these two emotional states, there would be no State.  It is only through inner-reflection on our spiritual selves that fear and greed can be overcome.  In all that the State does, it first evokes these emotional states though propaganda before it is able to move its agenda forward.  It is interesting to note that the two party system of America is distinctly split between these two emotional states.  Republican’s being the party of fear while democrats embody the party of greed.

You can pick any singular political issue and ask any statist member of the general public why they support a State solution to the given political issue and you will always find the emotional states of fear or greed driving their decision to advocate the use of violence against their neighbor.  Typically what you’ll find are people who project their own fear or greed onto others, which results in their calls for violence.

Let us take public schooling as an example.  When you ask a statist why they support public schooling, the typical response will be that poor children would be left uneducated if there was no violently funded public schooling.  So lets break down that answer and look at the emotional states that drive people to support it.

Fear that children (other than their own?) would be left uneducated?  No, the real answer is greed.  People project their own greed onto society as a whole and come to the conclusion that because they themselves would not donate  their own money to educate other people’s kids that the rest of society would not donate money to educate other people’s kids; therefore, they feel a guilt that drives them to support a violent system that takes from everyone indiscriminately to pay for the education of poor children.

If people were really concerned about the education of poor children, then they would volunteer the money necessary to make sure the poor kids don’t fall through the cracks.  Thus, a violent system of funding would not be necessary.  It is only because people have greed in their hearts that they advocate violent funding of schools.

This same formula of greed projection applies to all economic classes.  Similarly, one can find numerous interviews of welfare parents who have a sense of entitlement to other people’s money, which leads them to support the violent funding of schools.  Because they themselves are greedy and don’t want to pay for their own kids’ education, they are all in favor of having the State take other people’s money by force to pay for their kids’ education.  If they weren’t greedy, they wouldn’t advocate the use of violence.

Further, business owners were the original class of people to advocate public funding of education.  This also stems from greed.  The college and vocational systems established in America are corporate training mills.  They do not teach entrepreneurship; they teach skills that employers need to fuel their massive corporate machines.  By having the State fund the educational system, they are able to socialize training costs on to the general population that they previously had to pay for themselves.

The entirety of the welfare state and public works are predicated on the projection of greed.  I am not greedy, but others are greedy and will refuse to donate, which is why we must force them to “donate.”

Moving on to fear, it should come as no surprise that America is embroiled in never ending wars given the hysteria of fear the State has fostered among the general population through its control of the obedient media.  Fear mongering that a terrorist might kill Americans or that a foreign state might attack are pushed every hour of every day by the lapdog media that has come to dominate this country.

The Iranian regime has had to deploy security forces to major gas stations to prevent them from becoming scenes of discontent!  Yet we are expected to believe this country poses a credible threat to the sovereignty of the United States?  We are expected to believe that the Iranian regime will nuke Israel off the map when they can’t even put gas in their own cars?  Does anyone honestly think the entire State of Iran is suicidal?   That the political leaders of Iran are so irrational, suicidal and violent that they would attack a nuclear State, which would surely result in their own destruction and that the Iranian military would go along with this suicide?

What is fear?  If one has total mastery over themselves, they would have no fear.  Overcoming the fear of death means overcoming the need for a security State.  If people had no fear in their hearts, there would be no military.  People would take responsibility for protecting themselves.  Those who advocate the loudest for military interventionism are the most fearful and greedy among us.  They are so fearful and greedy that they demand protection like children clinging to their parents.  Fearful of boogeymen and greedy because they don’t want to pay for that protection themselves.  Just as a child demands his parents protect him for free, so too does the statist who demands that others pay for his protection.

The entirety of the warfare State predicated on the projection of fear and greed.   I am not fearful or greedy, but in order to protect others who are fearful, we must take from them by force in order to protect them because they would not volunteer the money on their own.  When put in this context, one can see just how ridiculous that argument sounds.

Mastering fear and greed is something that has to come from within.  No level of statism, no level of militarism, no level of police state security will ever be enough for those who harbor fear and greed within themselves.  Helping people master those emotions was primarily the purpose of the major religions of the world.  If your spiritual beliefs are not bringing you closer to mastering fear and greed then it is high time you ask yourself why and what you should do about it.

You are here to overcome fear and greed.  That is your purpose.  You are hear to learn how to love unconditionally.  That is your purpose.  If your religion is not bringing you closer to achieving your life’s purpose, then ask yourself why you are even bothering with it.  Perhaps it is time to look inside for answers rather than a pulpit.


  • Michael Johnston

    Thank you for this. It echoes my own thinking on the matter. I tend to use the word ‘envy’ rather than ‘greed’ – but it amounts to the same thing. I think this kind of analysis is especially useful for drawing attention to the need for the libertarian revolution to start and finish in the minds, hearts and souls of individuals. As a generalisation, I think that the old ‘left-right’ political spectrum is characterised by envy to the left and fear to the right. Libertarinism is orthoganal to this spectrum and involves attaining a certain level of spiritual maturity; in the words of Bob Marley, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”.

  • Doug Nusbaum

    And we will just ignore the 1% or so of the population that are psychopaths.  But the author will say that it is our evil culture that manufactures psychopaths.  Why yes it is, our culture takes a normal brain and makes it unresponsive to emotionaol situations,  It just re-wires that little ole brain.   And in a family of, oh say 5, if one kid is just nasty and likes to torture the family pets, and beat up on his smaller syblings, why that he watched to much TV.   The same TV that did not seem to cause problems in those siblings he is torturing.