DIE HIPPIES! – LOL Your Pants Off

A must watch episode for hippie hating connoisseurs.

non-Hulu link: South Park Season 9 Episode 2

Normally at this point in the post I would throw in some poignant remark on State sponsored violence followed by some random comments on why Bitcoins are so cool.

Which is why I’m not going to do that this time.

  • adrivebycomment

    off topic:

    You might want to add this to your video library 🙂


  • Doug

    Why exactly are you suggesting I finance Hulu by watching this video? Do you suggest I “log in using Facebook” to watch this video? Next time I hope you direct me to a video NOT hosted by a company that is trying to enforce copyright laws.

    • Ancapgaff

       especially since Trey Parker appears to be against copyright laws, and all the South Park videos are for free on the official site (with limited advertisement).

      • Doug

         Oh ok, my bad. Just goes to show I don’t ever watch TV shows, so I didn’t even expect there to be free south park episodes online – i figured hulu took it over the way they did to family guy. or does family guy also show their episodes for free? i don’t even know.

        no disrespect towards the guy running this site, i think he’s doing a great job and i enjoy coming here. just made me mad being directed to hulu and being told to log in with facebook, but i can see he fixed that now. anyways…. carry on. long live bitcoins!

  • It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. Hippies in my area all seem to be independently wealthy for some reason. It must be nice not having to work.

  • Jtp40

    Just to keep things in perspective; I have a BS in Chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill.  It took me 8 months plus to find a job and the only ones at that were tep spots.  Needless to say I’m back to school for PhD and am fearful when upon completion the employment outlook will be even more bleak than before. 

    • I’m curious if you had any job experience in a related field at all.

      I interned throughout my degree and I got a good job right out of school.

    • Rob Nabakowski

      And you will get a job, because you didn’t study bullshit.  These morons that study very obscure stuff, or worse; insert grievance group studies here, are forever damned to be disappointed.

      • Doug

         The fact that the colleges are govt financed from top to bottom (student loans, etc.) MIGHT have something to do with the incredibly poor value of the “knowledge” being presented.