Political Spectrum publishing has released a new book that features yours truly!  The book is available as a free ebook download, but please if you like the book, buy a copy and help support the cause.  I make no profits from the sale of this book.


Americans Speak Out For Ron Paul


Edited by Zach Foster

With contributions by Rand Paul and Jeffrey A. Tucker

Book description:

VOICES OF REVOLUTION is a unique book with the noble mission of bringing voters to Ron Paul. Over twenty authors united under a common cause in order to challenge YOU, the reader, to take this intellectual journey which is sure to challenge and rattle your core beliefs. These authors are true patriots who understand the ills plaguing America, and are urging others to listen to what they have to say and learn how Americans can restore everything that made this country great,and whose leadership to rally behind: RON PAUL. These Americans come from all walks of life, from young liberals to older conservatives; from artists and blue collar workers to lawyers and war veterans; they share a common goal and a love for America. So, ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?

HELP FUNDRAISE FOR THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION! 99% of the proceeds will be donated to Revolution PAC for as long as Ron Paul remains in the Presidential race. You can currently purchase the book from the Lulu marketplace via credit card or PayPal. The book should be available on Amazon in 6 approximately 6 weeks, but ordering through Lulu will generate more proceeds for the cause.