Wanna File a Police Complaint (Arrested for Trying)

I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth re-posting again.

Watch people ask for a police complaint form and be arrested for trying.  One man was run out of the station and then threatened with murder if he attempted to step toward the pig and go back into the station.

Obey slave.


The reason why the pigs in the video are demanding identification and a description of the complaint in person is because they will then look up the complainant’s history and see what officers he may have interacted with.  Then that defendant cop will be notified and they will work to get his/their stories straight or create alibis before any investigation by IA begins.

If you ever have to file a complaint with the pigs – I recommend simply not doing it or you could be murdered or imprisoned.  However, if you insist, then don’t tell the pig who gives you the complaint form anything otherwise you will most certainly undermine your complaint.  Of course, not telling the pig anything will most likely result in your imprisonment as this video demonstrates.


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  • Thanks Michael for the re-post. It’s new to me, and I think most others would be sickened by what can only be described as a hostile mentality by some officers to the concept that they owe their paychecks to the civilian sector they are supposed to serve. I think most officers begin a heroes and slowly devolve into misanthropes over a career of enforcing the unjust drug war on the civilian population that has come to regard them as a hostile occupation.

  • Chris

     Filing a false complaint is a crime so you will automatically be treated as if your a criminal.