Drinking With Bob Explains Why KONY 2012 Is a Pro-War Propaganda Film

Sometimes Bob can be a tad fascist, but in this case, he nails it right on the head.  Always entertaining to watch.

I personally see rapid penetration of this movie into the public sphere to be contrived.  Dozens upon dozens of good documentaries get released onto YouTube every year.  NONE of them have achieved the market penetration of KONY 2012 in  such a short time frame.

In the case of Kony, the video was “Facebook” promoted by various high profile individuals with huge subscriber bases.  It is no accident that it made its way around the web at such a fantastic rate.  The people who want to promote war in Africa have a game plan and it appears to be working.

The intro to the movie says, “The next 27 minutes are an experiment, but in order for it to work, you have to pay attention.”  – Indeed.  An experiment in war propaganda.

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