LA Pigs Harass Medical Patient

This is why you should always carry a cellphone that is capable of recording video and audio, and why you should always begin recording the moment any pig looks in your general direction.

Kushkronic shares his story:

This is just straight up outrageous

Let me cut this story as short as possible

Just about 4 hours ago me and an acquaintance were parked on a road which lies parallel to a freeway and another highway. We were minding our own business watching a movie in a vehicle smoking cigarettes. Just as we were going to leave a sheriffs vehicle approached us with it’s roof flash light pointing at us directly at our vehicle. The deputy in question opened his door as I was trying to drive up to see what the problem was he gets out of his car dramatically acting as If I was about to ram his car with my car even though I was only pulling up slowly parallel to his vehicle. As I pull up he gets out shines his flash light at approaching us in a threatening manner and with no evidence he automatically starts accusing us of involvement in several crimes.

He yells at us to keep our hands on the dash and as I question him as to what’s going and what the problem is he tells me to “shut the hell up and do as I say” I say as he radios in his back up he starts asking us several questions like “whens the last time you got high?” “how much meth do you have in the car ?” “you guys smoke some meth? how much marijuana do you have in the car?” this whole time i tell him that we were just parked there watching a movie and smoking cigarettes and i asked if i was being arrested and what for he screams at me tells me to shut the fuck up and pulls out his gun and points at my face. I ask him again “what’s the problem what did we do, Am I being detained ?” Again he points his weapon at my face and tells me to “shut your mouth and put my hands on the steering wheel” also adding as he has his gun pointed at my face and were eye to eye ” you don’t tell me how to do my fucking job” with a murderous look in his eye” . I tell him “ok sir” i put my hands on the steering wheel and stay silent for a minute strongly believing my life may be in danger and that this was one of those psychotic rage cops. So As he’s giving directions to the other sheriffs vehicles I again this time with my hands on the dash with no threat to him whatsoever ask him what we are being detained for.

He then proceeds to answer with “suspicion” I ask suspicion of what and he tells me to “shut up we are going to find out right now” “You talk too much that’s your problem”. Another sheriffs vehicle then pulls up and another deputy steps out and walks towards the passenger door and takes out my friend puts him against the car and questions him informing us that “we better tell them what we have in the car because they’re gonna find it anyways” They start playing the whole routine act “do you smell that marijuana in the car ?” to his partner routine, partner answers “ohhh yea smell it all over the place” , Shining their flashlights in the car looking for any trace of evidence with nothing in sight. The slam me against my car tell me to put my hands behind my back which i willfully comply with and at the same time as I comply the officer pretends that I am resisting. So everytime I comply he pretends that I am resisting and tells me to relax stop tensing stop resisting etc etc. You know the whole typical routine.

Finally he manages to handcuff me and as I’m handcuffed another deputy comes up to me and starts searching my persons opening all my pockets taking out everything (my wallet, my lighter, my cell phone, my cigarettes etc ) and putting them in my car. He then reaches for my private area starts basically molesting me and as I complain and point out what he’s doing. He makes a complete mockery of it to the likes of “ohhh like that ? like that.. like that ? like that and smiling and laughing with his sheriffs buddies at the same time. This happened for at least 10 seconds all in my private area. The same happened to my friend just a few feet away, they then lead towards the back of their car and put me in the back seat hand cuffed removing my shoes in the process.

So here I am in the back of a police car having my entire vehicle search and flipped inside out with all my possessions taken out. The cop continued questioning me on “how much marijuana did you smoke just now”, “How much marijuana you got in the car?!” “You’re high out of your mind, you’re all over the place” “You’re definitely under the influence.” I tell him I’m not under the influence of anything except my own self. I then kindly ask him to give me his name and his badge number to which he stays silent. I ask him again informing him that as an employee of the public he is obligated to give me his badge number and name. Once again he stays silent . They opened up my backpack and took out a medical marijuana prescription bag open it up and take out about 1 and a half grams of marijuana. That’s what they found 2 small containers of marijuana in a prescription bag. The entire I was being harassed as I was explaining that I have a medical marijuana recommendation under proposition 215 they made a homophobic joke about proposition 8. I got the joke and just played along but I kept on saying you have no right to search my property, I did not consent to any search, you have no probable cause for a search etc. They wrote me a ticket for 2 violations

1.23222 cvc driver in possession of marijuana

2.16028 cvc no proof of insurance

Absolutely ridiculous for proof of insurance they WOULDN’T EVEN ALLOW ME TO PROVE INSURANCE. They basically told me to sign the ticket or go to jail. I had proof of insurance in the glove department which the officer that molested both me and my friend failed to locate when I was handcuffed in the back of their squad car.

They basically unlawfully searched my vehicle made up a false infraction for failure to prove insurance and seized 2 containers of medical marijuana. Did not care anything at all about my recommendation and did not care to see my proof of insurance. They basically carried themselves like thugs the entire time then at the last second pretended to be nice when they pulled out their cell phone camera and started recording us trying to back their story up by saying the car still smells of marijuana which is ridiculous no one was smoking marijuana in the car. We were smoking cigarettes yet they got no evidence of any visible marijuana until they physically searched my vehicle without my consent.

I feel like basically I got gestapo’d over nothing Every thing they did to humiliate us, the unlawful search and seizure, the way we were mistreated during our bodily search, the way I was threatened with a gun to my face, the way i was put up against the car and then physically and aggressively with handcuffs even though I was cooperating the entire time. The way the cop refused to answer my questions and kept incriminating me of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even though I was coherent and rational the entire time. The way they completely refused to see my proof of insurance which I am legally obligated to provide them with, which I have. Which they threatened to take me to jail if I didn’t sign their ticket.