Pigs and Tyrants Oh My!

Breakfast in Collinsville – A pig fabricates a stop and search for no particular reason.  The victim made a great documentary about the encounter.  The pig involved actually has a criminal record for lying in a drug case.  As we can see, he’s still wearing a uniform.

How governments have tried to block Tor – Awesome lecture by Tor developers about internet censorship in Iran, China, and Syria and how they are working to overcome it.

Child with autism arrested, accused of shoplifting greeting card from Boynton Beach mall store

Attorney obtains documents that show the Seattle Police Department is willing to lose hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in lawsuits to keep police records a secret. Email reveals the city believes its chances of winning the case are less than 50%.

Man that claimed Muskogee, OK police officers Micah Fleak and William Peters set their dog on him and watched in amusement as the cuffed man was mauled wins confidential settlement.