Psychic From The 1980s Accurately Predicts Next 30 Years

I haven’t been able to determine if this video is 100% legitimate or not.  However, I didn’t find anything  that suggests this footage is fake.  Apparently the man in the video is a French psychic named Jacques Nietzermann.  If this clip is real, this guy makes some of the most mind blowing predictions I’ve ever heard.  Be sure to read below the spoiler alert for a libertarian analysis of his predictions 😉

In the clip, Nietzermann accurately predicts the election of Barrack Obama, the collapse of the East Bloc, Chernobyl, 9/11, electric cars (accurate if you include hybrids and the Chevy Volt), flying cars, wars over oil and religious insurgencies, and the popular political uprisings around the world.  Given the time period, those predictions are totally insane.  1980 was at the height of the cold war.  At the end of the video, Nietzermann then goes on to predict something scary as hell – watch it to find out what’s in store for 2012!

I looked all over trying to find something that debunks this guy, but I was unsuccessful.  Someone posted a video claiming that there is a CD case in the background, but the footage is too blurry to make anything out.  I don’t think there is a CD case in the background.  However, I did manage to find this newspaper clip that someone posted.

Apparently he was arrested in France for an unknown crime after being on the run for 22 years.  I assume the charge was murder as his sentence was for a 45 year term.  This newspaper clip does match the video in  the sense that Nietzermann says he moved to California in the beginning of the clip.

There is one other video clip of Nietzermann online where he is apparently attempting to preform some kind of telekinesis experiment.

If anyone has information that either confirms or debunks this video, let me know and I’ll update this story.

Update 1:

In response to this post, I received the following reply regarding possible problems with the production of the video:

Obama ran in 2000, 2004 and 2008. He was well-known. It became obvious he was going to win fairly well before his actual election. Barring all that:

  • the lightbox in the reflection of his glasses was not available until the late 90’s
  • video in the 80’s was recorded at exactly 30 frames per second. The drop frame per second timecode (ie. 29.97), was not available until the early 90’s.
  • this was filmed in a 706 YPbPr colour depth- not available commercially, until 2005.

So here is my skeptical response.  The original video producer explains the production process at the end of this video.

“In answer to the many technical questions: the original footage was on a 3/4” U-matic tape which I digitized to FinalCutPro in HD through a MNR11 noise reducer. I re-EQ’d the soundtrack, added the subtitles and the “1980” in HD on FinalCutPro, exported it in HD and uploaded it to YouTube – that’s actually my day job”

So that explains the differences in frame rate and color depth.  As for the lightbox, I don’t see how one can discern the exact type and nature of lightbox used from the reflection of his glasses.  Lightboxes have been used by film producers since the early days of film.

 Spoiler alert – stop reading now if you haven’t watched the video.

Update 2:

Olivier ThomasApparently some documentary film makers decided to make a story out of this clip.  They claim that Nietzermann is actually a French actor named Olivier Thomas, but that they were threatened in some way that prevents them from releasing the documentary.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Nietzermann clip is part of some idiotic government run COINTELPRO style gimmick or possibly some really slick marketing for an upcoming Hollywood studio release.  Lord knows what purpose it might serve.  Some people have been claiming that the government wants to stage a fake alien invasion like they dreamed up in Project Blue Beam.


It’s entirely possible that this whole thing is some kind of an elaborate hoax, but in the mean time, I’m excited about the prospect of serving my new masters!

For some reason, his 2012 prediction reminds me of something Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” –  “Profiles of The Future”, 1961.  Perhaps our new masters will be hailed as gods before vaporizing humanity.

For the pure sake of fun, I’m going to offer my own speculations on how super advanced alien societies, capable of transporting themselves across galactic distances, might treat us if they happened to come into contact with us.

For starters, I highly doubt that any alien race that is capable of acquiring such high levels of technology would act in an inherently “evil” way.  The reason for this is because in order to achieve such high levels of technological progress, a society must adhere to the non-aggression principle.

Obviously one argument against this is that humanity has high levels of technological progress, but does not adhere to any kind of non-aggression principle.  My counter argument to this is that we do not actually have “high” levels of technological progress.  Technological progress has ground to a virtual halt in comparison to the quantum leaps that were made in late 19th and early 20th century  when western society was still relatively free to pursue its own interests.   Consider the vast improvements of living conditions that took place during the industrial revolution.  Today, society is actually regressing and standards of living are falling.

Because our western society does not adhere to the non-aggression principle, it will implode and collapse just as the Roman empire did.  We are presently on a totally unsustainable path that entails vast amounts of wealth and resource destruction.  So while we were able to achieve some great technological gains under statism, those gains will be wiped out, as if a reset button had been pushed, due to our continued violations of the non-aggression principle.

In order for a society to progress to the level of inter-galactic travel, it will need to acquire and sustain high levels of real wealth and technological progress.  We haven’t been back to the moon for over 40 years for a reason.  All this talk about moon bases and trips to Mars are pipe dreams.  Our country is on the verge of undergoing a monetary collapse and one of the first things to be cut will be the space programs.

At present, we are still burning things to power our vehicles.  We still dig coal out of the ground to light our homes.  We haven’t even figured out how to cure the common cold yet.  From the perspective of an alien society that is capable of inter-galactic travel, we are barely out of the caveman phase.

Obviously intergalactic travel requires entirely new forms of energy and propulsion that are incomprehensible to us at the present time.  Our present (and fatally flawed) theories of theoretical physics have no means of understanding how such an energy or propulsion system could even exist.  In order to reach the inter-galactic phase of development, science must be unhinged from the state and new paradigms of physics and engineering must be allowed to flourish without the crushing boot of state control of scientific funding.

I truly believe that the natural universe has built in mechanisms which keep violent statist societies confined to their home planets.   The technological progress and costs associated with inter-galactic travel are so great that violent societies will never be able to over come such a high bar.  Violent societies inherently destroy their own wealth until there is nothing left to destroy.  Statism is like a parasite that cannibalizes its host until it finally kills it.

But let’s assume that super-advanced space aliens have not overcome the violence of statism, yet somehow managed to escape the confines of their solar system.  Why would they bother to engage in violence on an inhabited planet, which has associated costs with it, rather than take resources from uninhabited moons or planets?  If a society is capable of inter-galactic travel, surely they must be capable of harvesting resources from uninhabitable planetary bodies.  Why face any violent resistance, no matter how slight the risk given your technological superiority, when you can acquire the same resources without the risk of any violent resistance somewhere else?

It might be argued that they could use humans as slaves, but this neglects to take their massive technological superiority into account.  If I could have a robot perform some task for me, why would I want to run around collecting human slaves that I have to constantly care for?  Human slavery is very inefficient and costly compared to robotic methods of production.  I could see them collecting some humans as curiosities for zoos, but I don’t really see any rational reason why they might engage in wholesale mass genocide of the human race.

I think what the logic boils down to is that any super advanced alien race is either going to ignore us or try to help us, but not attack us for no apparent reason.  While our psychic seems to think that aliens will destroy the world, I doubt that would ever be the case.  However, his prediction that there will be winners and losers that arise from such a contact is by no means out of the question.

Consider that if aliens did try to help us, the first thing they might do is eliminate the state to free humanity from the bonds of its own slavery!  Clearly our own states would view any technologically advanced alien race as a massive threat to their power.  So while the aliens have no reason to attack us, our governments have a massive reason to attack them.  Imagine if aliens came here and tried to teach us how to produce free energy!  The entire American controlled petrodollar empire would be in jeopardy.

In this sense, there certainly could be winners and losers that emerge from such a confrontation, but the losers would be the state and the winners would be the peaceful voluntarists.  Although I suppose it is possible that an attack by a state might be taken by them to mean that all humans are violent and hostile, it seems rational to assume that a super advanced alien race would be capable of discerning human motives and culture.

If there is a threat that civilization might be destroyed by an encounter with an alien race, it will not come from the aliens, but rather from our own governments over-reacting.

Update 10/24/2016

Storyful Talks to the Man Behind 2012 Psychic Hoax Video

  • Tenfttall

    I can assure you with near certainty that this man is acting. 

  • vy

    it’s almost like you enjoy undermining the credibility libertarianism by associating it with this junk 

    • I fail to see how I am undermining libertarianism by having some fun speculating on the socio-economics of alien societies.

      I’ve noticed that libertarians tend to take everything so seriously that they end up living a life of total misery. Perhaps you should lighten up.

  • Will Kraft

    My name is Will G Kraft, and Nietzermann is my brainchild. Everything is fake and made up: the 2012 psychic video, the newspaper article, the investigation by Luke and Mack on YouTube, the 2015 Nietzermann video. It became a thing and I’m glad many people had fun debunking it or trying to debunk it. I made a movie about it. Check it out on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon. It’s called NIETZERMANN. Enjoy!