Michigan unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his pigs

This story has been updated.

You may not have heard about Bakers Green Acres family farm before, but their story is as tragic as it is common.  You see, farms like the Bakers are being assaulted by armed commandos in state issued costumes for the heinous crime of raising pigs humanely.  If that doesn’t make any sense to you, welcome to the land of the free!

Allow me to explain.  The Bakers raise a particular type of hog that can withstand the tough Michigan winters outdoors.  This outdoor type of pig farming is very humane and very cost efficient.  The pigs get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, while eating as much as they like.  As far as being a pig goes, they are living the high life.  Meanwhile, the large corporate pig farms raise a different breed of hog indoors under extremely inhumane conditions.  The corporate pigs actually have to have their tails docked to prevent them from cannibalizing themselves under the stressful conditions.

Because the Bakers are able to raise hogs so efficiently, they pose a competitive threat to the corporate indoor pig farms.  Thus, the pork lobby in Michigan decided it would try to push a bill through that labeled the type of hogs being raised by the Baker family as being “feral” in order to drive the outdoor pig farmers out of business.  – The lobby was successful.  Now, it is a felony in Michigan to raise pigs that have the specific characteristics of the Bakers’ hogs that allow them to withstand the cold climate outdoors.

Of course, the pork lobbyists didn’t actually show up with guns, they simply managed to get a bill passed in the Michigan state legislature that had armed government agents do their dirty work for them.

One farmer describes what happened at his farm:

I was served a search warrant yesterday at 7: 45am.

After 8 guys 3 four wheelers, and 4 hours, DNR decided I was correct. I have killed all my hogs. They gave me papers that say I do not have any hogs on my property. All they saw were dead hogs laying around from my mass slaughtering.  It took 12 guys 4 times in there to kill all of them, sows with young, Pregnant sows, dozens of piglets, and old mature boars. It has been a sad few weeks.

 Does anyone know what it feels like to open fire on 20 baby piglets in one group which weigh between 5lbs and 15 lbs. They are so adorable and cute.

The Bakers have published a very well put together video that describes the state sanctioned violence that is being directed against them and other small farms.  Watch a man’s family get run out of business by the state:

More info on this story can be found here.  Meanwhile, the FDA is busy conducting stings against Amish farmers for selling raw milk, local police departments are conducting armed raids against retailers who sell raw milk, and federal agents are targeting farmers who sell their food directly to the public without going through retailers.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay did a short segment on corporate pig farming that you can watch here.  Warning, the content is extremely graphic.

Your tax money hard at work.

Photo credit: Bakers Green Acres 

Infowars reports:

NaturalNews can now confirm that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has, in total violation of the Fourth Amendment, conducted two armed raids on pig farmers in that state, one in Kalkaska County at Fife Lake and another in Cheboygan County. Staging raids involving six vehicles and ten armed men, DNA conducted unconstitutional, illegal and arguably criminal armed raids on these two farms with the intent of shooting all the farmers’ pigs under a bizarre new “Invasive Species Order” (ISO) that has suddenly declared traditional livestock to be an invasive species.



  • Debi-s

    Corporate Pork Lobby at it’s best!  This does not fall DNR jurisdiction……Really?  I personally believe this unlawful….any attorneys out there that can enlighten us!

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  • Darkstar0155

    while i understand Mark’s concern and he is actually running a pig farm, the two “farms” that were raided were not farms at all, but game ranches.. way to slant what is actually going on.  The one ranch is Deer Tracks ranch “property was described to me as 1500 acres behind high fence that was rugged and varied terrain incorporating forest, swamp, and a small amount of pasture land” and their own official website says “Deer Tracks Ranch, Michigan’s largest single hunting enclosure”  That is the guy who was forced to shoot all his beloved pigs (the ones that were going to be hunted)

    The other farm is a 300 acre hunting preserve.. renaged ranch “Year-round hunting on a private 300 acre preserve in Northern Michigan. Being hunters ourselves, we appreciate the investment you make in a guided hunt. At Renegade Ranch you are assured of a rewarding experience in claiming the game of your choice. “

    • You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t understand why you consider there to be any difference?

      What is the difference if a game ranch is forced to shoot their pigs or a farm?  Both are private businesses, neither are impacting their neighbors, and both have a right to raise whatever animals they chose!

      Why should the state force a game ranch to shoot its livestock?

      If the livestock on a game ranch is being kept in a private fenced reserve, what difference does it make if they have totally feral wild boars running around or anything else for that matter?

      • Darkstar0155

        because these boars are getting into the wild and mating and turning feral and causing issues with the surrounding properties and farms (they can destroy an entire farmers crops overnight) and is becoming a problem with the neighbors, have you researched the reason this legislation came into affect anyways (and may i note it was by a unanimous decision by both dems and reps). 

        And why do you assume that these two properties havent had problems with their boars getting out?  Why would the state go out of the way to waste their time if these properties didnt have past issues?  And you cant say because “big AG wants to shut down the farms and have paid off the DNR” since these arent even pigs that are being raised and sold as livestock, they are completely game animals. 

        I dont know for sure one way of the other, but my guess would be they have had problems, since no other ranches are being targeted with raids yet.  Since the one ranch is 1500 acres it sounds very plausible pigs have escaped into the wild.

        Finally, this aticles argument was not “the govt. has no right to take private citizens property”, it was “Michigan unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his pigs”

        How is a 1500 acre game ranch a “small pig farm”? A 300 acre ranch is not small by any means either. This article is so rediculously biased to push an agenda of “big govt. taking over” that they have bended the truth to fit their agenda.  Im not a big govt. supporter, but i believe in making decisions and forming opinions based on the truth, not some article who is practically lying to push an agenda.

        However, i completely can empathize with Mark Baker of Bakers Green Acres who made the video and seems to be a legitamite small pig farm and understand his concerns. 

        • “because these boars are getting into the wild and mating and turning feral and causing issues with the surrounding properties and farms ”

          No, that’s not happening. 
          That is a flat out lie you are being told.

          As Baker points out, hogs aren’t going to run away from the hands that feed them. And the farmers themselves stand to lose money if the hogs escape into the wild, so they will make sure that does not happen.

          The law is patently absurd.

          Further, it doesn’t matter if a farm is 1 acre or 10,000 acres. It’s private property.

          • Darkstar0155

            yes, it is happening.. keep your head in the sand if you want






            “Time is running out if we are to have any chance of avoiding long-term damage by feral hogs to our state’s forests, wetlands, and crop fields. Wild hogs, many of Eurasian stock, have been escaping from commercial game ranches in Michigan for at least a decade, and have now been confirmed in at least 63 of Michigan’s 83 counties. ”

            And your correct, as baker points out FARM hogs arent going to run away from his ranch.  But his farm wasnt raided was it.  Two GAME RANCHES were.  And game ranches dont really feed their hogs, they roam wild. 

            And how do you know these game ranches havent had past issues w/ their hogs escaping?  For all we know, they could be repeat offenders. 

          • Your own links tell a different story:

            “Nobody can pinpoint exactly where. Or when. Or how. But sometime, in some places around Michigan, these pigs – domestic hogs and wild boars – escaped.”

            So back in the 1900’s some pigs escaped, and now you want to ban all private game reserves and farms from owning those types of pigs.

            Great logic you got there.

            How about:

            The government allows open season on all wild pigs forever.

            And that’s the end of that.

            Why do you feel the need to destroy so may people’s lives?

          • Myrdynn

             If there have been armed SWAT style raids of small family farms in the past month, and baby pigs being slaughtered in cold blood, I want to see photos and videos…..  What? a whole month of raids has gone by and nobody thought to grab a camera????

          • Darkstar0155

            this is from a Trapper website, absolutly nothing to do with the DNR or big AG

            “Originally Posted By: CLT
            I got no problem with a shoot them when encountered policy but to enter a persons property where they are contained to eliminate the “threat”,not so much in favor of that…
            So should there be shooters set up outside the fence to keep an eye on traffic through the crawl-unders? That sounds practical.The DNR’s job is to protect our natural resources and environment. These exotic (not domesticated) swine breeds have demonstrated that they dominate and out-compete native species and harm the environment. Fenced enclosures are ridiculously frail (we just had a huge snowstorm that downed millions of large trees and snapped power poles, easily crushing fences to the ground) and crawlunders are created at will, by coyotes. I have inspected miles of fenceline and know this to be fact, its not debatable. Since captivity cant be assured, they have decided to remove the threat. Sounds logical to me. I’m having a hard time understanding how conspiracy theories, government control, big industry and black helicopters come into play here. ”


        • 77Jack

          So because some pigs might be getting out they must all die? That doesn’t sound too logical.

          As for the size of the farm or game ranch, 300 to 1500 acres sounds pretty big but according to the US gov the average size of US hog operations was almost 5,000 head in 2004 (http://www.ers.usda.gov/AmberWaves/April08/Features/USHogFarms.htm). Seems to me that what they had was pretty small when compared to the US average.

          Perhaps this is just setting a precedent. The next policy will be much worse, you can count on that.

          • Darkstar0155

            again, how do you know these ranches were not repeat offenders?  If i was raising lions and my lions kept getting out, then my legal ability to keep them should be revoked.  And maybe they have had numerous instances and warnings where  these ranches have been inadaquate at keeping their pigs in.  And how are all pigs being killed again? There have been two raids at game ranches, not farms at all.

            Your link did not work but you said 5000 HEAD of pig.  Doing a quick search, for a free roam pig farm you can have up to 10 pigs per acre.  So a 300 acre ranch could have 3000 head (just below the average, not small at all), and the 1500 acre ranch could have 15,000 head.  Which is three times the average.

            Again, i understand the Bakers’ concerns and i hope they keep up the good fight for actual small farming operations, but this article is just completely slanted and filled with misinformation to prove a point and an agenda, people complain about the MSM doing this but completely give a pass to sites like this because it falls into the narative they would like to push.

          • Again, what gives you the right to trample on their property rights and destroy their livelyhood?

            Why should the state use violence against these men for using their own property as they see fit?

            Why not fine farms if their pigs escape instead of destroying the farmers life?

            Why do you hate private property so much?

          • 77Jack

            By “all pigs” I meant the obvious. The farmers had to kill all their pigs, right?

            The reason I side with the individuals in this case is because of no-knock raids that kill innocent people, raids on Amish farmers, raids on stores selling raw milk, a man being persecuted so much for raising chickens he killed himself, for little places called Ruby Ridge and Waco. The government always has a reason they infringe on people’s rights and after one digs a little, more often than not, the government is lying.

            This is a case where something happened but instead of the government dealing with these people as adults and coming to an amicable solution they decide to walk on to their property and force them to kill their livelihood. That’s not right no matter how many crops these pigs have “allegedly” destroyed…and as long as we’re going to get technical the pigs on the farm or ranch or whatever you want to call it had nothing to do with the destruction; they’re innocent.

            As for the amount of pigs on the farm they may have had the space for that many but did they use every last acre? I doubt it. The guy said he had to kill 20 baby piglets. I’m no farmer, but if you have thousands of pigs you’ll probably have more than 20 piglets at any one time…though of course I could be wrong.

          • Crasher455

            “How do you know these ranchers were not repeat offenders”

            These pigs are there livestock and therefor their legal property and they are being deprived of their property without due process. The DNR is not above the constitution.
            If they can prove the rancher had purposefully let pigs escape he should be liable for damages but to arbitrarily destroy peoples property is a discusting over reach of the law.

      • Darkstar0155

        also, this area is having issues w/ another invasive species, Asian Carp.. we’ll see how the DNR handles that situation

  • Mysticsoothsayer

    go vegan!!!!

  • Americans need to quit whining about how the Federal Government is encroaching upon our rights. This is nothing new, George Washington warned us that the United States will attempt to encroach beyond its ten square miles. 
    Today nearly every American has voluntarily given up constitutionally protected rights in exchange for government benefits, the Government does not have jurisdiction unless you consent, outside of WA DC. (CA Commercial Code Section 9307h). It is not convergent to give up those government benefits (I know, I got rid of my driver’s license, and corrected all documents that give the Federal Govt jurisdiction – in today’s world this in inconvenient). I bet the farmer in this video has a driver’s license, hasn’t looked up the definition or jurisdiction of the State of Michigan, and has signed many documents that give the Federal Government (State of Michigan is an administrative body of the Federal Government – see CIA World Fact Book “United States” system of government). I have traveled freely without a license, crossed the border from Mexico to the US and much more since Feb of 2010 (that is when I rescinded my signature on my driver license application for political reasons, the farmer in the video could do the same thing). It is going to many Americans disengaging with the Federal Government, it is simple but inconvenient (It can be done, but banking without State ID is not as easy as just showing a driver’s license). A great place to learn about the difference between having state citizenship and being a Federal citizen is to visit and read everything at http://www.state-citizen.org and http://www.section520.org

    • “Americans need to quit whining about how the Federal Government is encroaching upon our rights. ”

      Yeah, we should just shut up and take it in the ass like good serfs.

      By the way, I never voluntarily agreed to anything.

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  • DarknessEnters

    wow. . . .and to think i was considering putting in a few pigs. . . we raise our own animals because that way i know whats going in to them! Hogs are a cost efficient farm animal and in these times it would make it easier on the pocketbook than raising beef. But after this I will stick with my cows and keep an eye out for the DNR!

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  • FDA “stings”  FUCK THIS!!!   The govt. is so out of hand it’s ridiculous.  Illegal hogs and milk???  Who the fuck are they to dictate that crap.   This is why the Constitution is so important,  to LIMIT govt. to what it is allowed to do.  States have constitutions too which outline what they can and can’t do.  Govt. was never meant to be this intrusive.  If the founders were alive today you can bet there would be revolution.  We are tolerating far more than they we subjected to by England.   This must end.

  • Dornier Pfeil

    North Carolina just lets private citizens do it.
    A mans pet pig shot by a stranger for the crime of standing in it own yard.

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  • John Liozeris

    You destroyed your own healthy hogs and piggys because the state told you to?
    Something is missing in this story.

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