Want To Learn Austrian School Economics But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Here is a letter I recently wrote which answers that question:


Hi Andrew,

Here is a list of resources for you to browse through.

The first and most important website out of all of them is Mises.org. The Mises Institute website pretty much has links to every piece of literature on Austrian economics that exists.  All the major Austrian school economics journals are free to download and read, all the major books are free to download and read, and they have a massive list of videos and audio lectures for you to watch as well.

The Mises Institute also offers a self-paced home study course in Austrian economics here.  They also offer full classroom style instruction via online courses here.

Additionally, if you want to learn in an online classroom type setting, for 99.00 dollars you can get year long access to http://www.libertyclassroom.com/.  While they don’t have a lot of courses to offer just yet, the ones they do have are excellent and it will provide you an opportunity to ask questions.

The Mises Institute also has an iTunes page where you can download all sorts of audiobooks and lectures on Austrian Economics.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out the iTunes page.

If you just want to learn by picking and choosing various topics at your leisure, a great place to start would be here:


Tom Woods has put together a list of reading material and multimedia presentations and organized them by topic.

The following YouTube channels have a ton of economics lectures on the Austrian school:

  1. Mises Institute Video Library
  2. Liberty In Our Time’s Video Library
  3. LibriVox
  4. Nielsio’s Video Library
  5. Peter Schiff’s Video Library

The Peter Schiff radio show also has a show archive list that you can listen to for a small subscription fee.  It is worth every penny.  Peter’s show is basically dedicated to teaching Austrian school economics.   Just listening to the show  will teach you a ton.

My website has links to all of the above plus a whole lot more.  I’ve taken the time to put together an online “college” of economics lectures that you can watch for free, link in the menu bar at the top of the page:


Other sites of interest are:

  1. The Bastiat Institute
  2. Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
  3. Lew Rockwell
  4. The Future Freedom Foundation
  5. The Library of Economics and Liberty
  6. The Peace, Freedom, & Prosperity Movement
  7. The Property and Freedom Society
  8. Zero Hedge

Lew Rockwell.com also has a large archive of articles written by Murray Rothbard that are all worth reading:


Everything by Rothbard is golden.

If you want to learn all of the Austrian School theory in one fell swoop, then read this:

Man, Economy and State with Power and Market

You can download the entire book in an ebook format or as a pdf file. MES is Rothbard’s magnum opus.  It is around 1400 pages long and it will probably answer every question you might have about Austrian School theory.

There is enough literature and lectures in the links I’ve provided you to keep you busy for next decade 😉

Have fun!

If you have questions, let me know.


Michael Suede