Corporal Punishment & Social Science

A large collection of interviews by social scientists on the effects of initiating violence against children.


As always, any information that is presented by a statist should be viewed with skepticism; however, the information presented in this series of videos agrees with the philosophy of voluntarism as it pertains to children.

The harmful effects of initiating violence against those who are the most helpless members of our society is aptly demonstrated by the data presented.  The use of violence against children by parents to gain their compliance is a major contributor to the perpetuation of the state itself.  When children are taught that they must do as they are told or an authority will commit acts of violence against them, it legitimizes the structure of the state in their minds as they grow into adulthood.

When a child is raised to believe that the initiation of violence is always wrong, and that initiating violence is not the proper way to resolve disputes, it undermines the legitimacy of the state.

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