Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney?

“precisely the person I would want to turn around a failing business like our government.”

I’m not sure what is going on here, but that wasn’t the brightest thing for him to say.

Does he honestly believe a socialist like Romney is the best person to turn around our government?

Is he shooting for a V.P. slot?

This whole thing seems pretty outrageous to me.




  • Dylan

    Rand has a few good ideas, but in the end, he’s just your standard neocon. He’s not his father.

    • Thomarn

      That’s the biggest pile of crapanyone has shovel. Take your medicine!

    • Patrick Freeman

      Neocons don’t typically oppose the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA/CISPA, undeclared wars and unchecked spending.   Rand may not be perfect but he’s no neocon.  Perhaps the Paul clan has learned the hard lesson that in order to change the system from the inside you need first gain access and do to that you must appear to the establishment, at least to an acceptable extent, to be a “team player.”  That means that sometimes, as in the case of his vote for sanctions against Iran (or the pro-Romney comments) when you’re not in a position to effect policy change with your vote it is better to use that vote strategically to “cloak yourself with “themness” rather than voting on principle.  A dissenting vote on sanctions would have been pointless because the resolution still would have passed by an overwhelming majority and his dissension would only serve to isolate Rand from the rest of the party thereby making his election that much more difficult.
      Being principled is great but *appearing* to be rigidly principled is a handicap in this political climate. Ron’s unyielding principle earned him the full weight of the establishment and his own party roadblocking his election. We won’t really know whether Rand is acting strategically or whether his actions honestly represent his views unless and until he succeeds in becoming POTUS.
      Thing is, even if Rand’s comments and votes DO represent his true beliefs he is still better than 99% of the scumbags who rule the roost. Sometimes you have to be willing to accept successive approximations of the target in order to get there.  Refusal to support candidates who fail to adhere 100% to our preferred ideology is a losing proposition because *someone* is going to fill those positions. If we won’t support candidates with whom we agree on 90% of the issues we’ll only end up with more with whom we disagree on 90% of the issues.

  • TOM

     Romney is not a socialist, he is a fascist.

  • No, Romney is a socialistic communist!

  • Bob

    I wouldn’t take that as a pure endorsement. They are talking about a specific issue and Rand was giving him a nod on that issue.

  • ronb28135

    This is the LAST thing I expected when I awoke today. Now anything is possible. Ron Paul may as well endorse Romney.

    Rand Paul has just joined Sarah Palin in the ranks of the sold out “neocons confirmed.” She joined when she endorsed McCain. Where is Rand’s brain; somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine? Politics as usual?? I can’t believe it. What next? Is Ron Paul going to endorse Romney? This is a sell out, plain, pure and simple. Does Rand have his father’s blessing? I hope not, but I can’t see him doing this without discussing it with his father.

    The Paulites are on the verge of transforming the Republican Party in Tampa and his son sells out to a RINO. This is BS of the highest order.

    Rand Paul now endorses war with Iran, prolonging the war in Afghanistan, adding 100,000 troops to the military and building a larger navy; none of which the country can afford. Romney, if elected,will be a G.W. Bush clone. We might as well keep Obama. ABO doesn’t mean anything if his replacement is a Republican RINO mirror image.

    Bob Dole, John McCain rejoice. The RINO idiots are still endorsing fools like you. Pragmatism sucks. My disappointment doesn’t register on the Richter scale. It is off the far end.

    As disappointed as I am in Rand Paul I will wait for what comes next from Ron Paul. Party unity means very little to me right now. I am unopposed as a Precinct Delegate in the next election. When seated I will do whateve I can to get the RINOs out of Michigan.

    What if Rand Paul is Romney’s choice for VP to hold onto Ron Paul’s supporters?? That of course would change the entire picture, later, if Romney has an undiagnosed heart condition.

    What does the Tea Party think of his defection?ve now.