Weird CIA vs. FBI Dispute Over U.S. Manufacturing Company Contacts

I’m trying to follow this story, but nothing is making any sense to me.

The Washington Post writes:

One former U.S. official said senior FBI agents recently used a meeting with executives from major manufacturing companies on the West Coast to instruct them to cut off contact with the CIA.

The FBI’s message was that “they were now in charge of relationships with the corporate sector, so the folks there should feel no need to deal with the agency,” said the former U.S. official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic. The FBI agents apparently were not aware that a former CIA officer was among the executives in attendance. The former official declined to provide more details about the location of the meeting or its participants.

What the hell is the CIA doing maintaining contacts with domestic manufacturing firms?   The story is obtuse, convoluted, mostly anonymous, and doesn’t make much sense.   The Washington Post has long been in bed with the CIA, so I assume this story is serving the CIA’s agenda.

I personally find it rather frightening that the FBI and CIA are running around having board meetings with major U.S. firms.  Do they think people will view this as normal behavior for a government?

If you were a business owner, would you be disturbed if the FBI or CIA showed up at one of your board meetings asking for information on your dealings?

What are the odds that an ex-CIA officer is sitting on the board of a major manufacturing corporation?

Why is the FBI telling people not to have dealings with the CIA?  Obviously there is something going on between the two agencies that this story isn’t telling us.

What kind of information is the FBI trying to keep the CIA from learning?

Does the FBI think the CIA is a problem child or is this simply some kind of ridiculous turf war?

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  • Cruzer

    West Coast manufacturing sounds like tech to me. There have long been claims (and I suspect considerable evidence though I’m not intimately familiar with it) that Cisco has backdoors for the N-es-A and that Google has rooms for N-es-A. It seems reasonable they would also have a relationship with the C-eye-A. You also have Qualcomm whose tech is in almost all phones I believe. I know In-cue-Tel invests in a lot of these tech companies so that they develop the tech C-eye-A wants.

    C-eye-A definitely has tons of ex-employees on boards and top management of major manufacturing companies–employing as many ambitious people as they do it would be hard not to. I know of at least one in such a position, and I don’t know that many people. in this area.

    • EB

      It is simple, instead of looking from the bottom up with hundreds of avenues, look from the top down. The CIA was formed in 1947 from Central ( world) bankers, the industrial military complex and affiliated corporations. These elite, globalist minded people do run governments, big corporations which the military complex is only a part. Large corporations built with wall street money as well as the military machine are all controlled by money and whom has the money? The CIA gathers information from around the world on minerals, commerce and governments, the CIA then passes this information along to the world elite bosses and they use this information for there goal of world do inaction. They have always maintained the US is their main obstacle and it’s independent, minded people. So control of media, banks, government, social programs, etc etc, are but different cogs in the same machine. Always keep in mind it is ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is the ” agenda.” Agenda 21 and climate change scares are but another tool in frightening people into giving up rights for protection. You are first scared by them and then you are protected by them. It is a form of false flags. False flags create the fear and problem and when people become upset by this ” injustice” the same ” saviors” come along and fix the problem or so you think. When these elitist through their various forms of deceit and institutions get “we the people” going along with their one world aim, in their mind it will be too late, however many are waking up to this goal of the globalist and it is my humble opinion they will succeed just so far and it will come tumbling down. This orchestrated financial debacle we’re in is just another ” end to justify the means mentality. Most all of the worlds wars and ills are the result of a few wanting to dominate the rest of mankind. This mind was in Napolean (financed by central bankers), Hitler ( financed by central bankers), the Bolshevik revolution, ( financed by “THE WEST” central bankers, and the list goes on. It is always the banks ( and their counter parties, ” big business” the money people at the top that most of our ills are traced back to. This discussion could go on but until people understand they are being led to their demise of freedom by the elitist “which they often indirectly support through the groups they unwittingly support) things will get worse. Our economy is being collapsed by debt foisted on us by this in government who are complicit in this NWO. The power these banks amassed was with the money stolen from the people through the FEDERAL RESERVE through printing money from nothing, loaning it to the people ( government) charging interest on money that is not theirs, and making all losses the responsibility of the people.

      Solution: Do not support what is killing you. By doing business with these fraudulent bankers and corporations it is the very fuel on which they thrive and survive. Cut off their fuel and they will burn themselves out. Do your research.

  • akaGaGa

    One thing neither the FBI or the CIA is doing for sure – looking out for the citizens. So my bet – without any facts at all – is that they’re up to no good.

  • tonybinca

    I read some stories a few years back that said the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc., were recruiting people in the business sector to help manage us peons during a “state of emergency.” They are provided with guns and training and are ready at a moment’s notice to help Big Brother put us down if we get unruly.