No Permit? Oh, Well I’m Going To have To Step On Your Neck

A dispensary in Long Beach was recently attacked by armed thugs for not having a city permit, even though they were operating in compliance with state law.

During the attack, criminals smashed and destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and merchandise.  Of course, the thugs’ bloodlust was not satisfied by simply breaking things.

NBC reports:

One of the officers is seen stepping on volunteer employee Dorian Brooks’ back with both feet before stepping on his neck, with what Brooks described as 300 pounds of pressure.

The video, which was being recorded at an off-site location, then cuts to an officer pointing at the recording camera before another looks up and smashes the lens.

“They noticed there was a camera that was on the wall right above my head, so they proceeded to smash it with a metal rod,” said Brooks, adding that the camera shattered on him. “I wasn’t able to protect myeslf because my hands were cuffed.”

In the video below, you will watch a criminal step on the neck of a merchant as if he is walking over a doormat.  Which is how all police view all citizens – as doormats.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking that he wouldn’t have done the same thing to you or your mom.