Rand Paul Tries to Get Journalist Fired and Arrested

An RT reporter was threatened by capitol police and the Senate Relations Committee after asking Rand Paul about his endorsement of Mitt Romney.  The police threatened to remove all of RT’s press passes for all of their reporters and arrest the journalist in question.


  • bob marks

    I think this is just a bunch of garbage. There is no shown connection between those who alledgedly were threatened and Rand Paul. Till then, this is no more than slander!!!

  • Libertarians talk a big fight about personal freedom. Boy, though, look what happens when someone tries to exercise some freedom: Immediately, the Libertarian uses his freedom to try to destroy the other person’s livelihood and freedom.

    • Dan D.

      Rand Paul is not a libertarian.

  • bob marks

    Coyne – If you have no facts to verify the claims made in this article, wisdom suggests you go back to jerkin off with your other slandering socialist buddies.