Electricity Hiding Behind ‘Dark Matter’?

Researchers working with data from the Planck satellite have detected an intense form of radiation called synchrotron radiation from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy—requiring an acceleration of charged particles to energies never imagined by textbook astronomy of the 20th century. Their conclusion: colliding particles of dark matter must be responsible for this observation. It seems they did not know that plasma science pioneer Hannes Alfvén predicted synchrotron radiation from the core of galaxies more than 60 years ago—caused not by “dark matter,” but by focused electric discharge.


  • James Wyss

    I really enjoy your plasma cosmology/physics posts. Keep them coming.

  • Mr.Quincy

    Yeah. I used to really be into science “fact” and then I realized that physicists, astrophysicists, and astronomers are largely full of $#!%. They keep moving the goal posts with their Shrinking Violet Higg’s Boson and their flavor hopping neutrinos, dark matter and dark energy.

  • Aren’t the hypothetical “dark matter” and “dark energy” merely fudge factors, required to keep existing theories about the age of the universe alive?