More Tungsten Core Gold Bars Are Turning Up

This one was found by a jewelry merchant in NYC:

This one was found by the W.C.Heraeus foundry, originating from an unnamed bank:

This one was found in England.

Of course, no one is allowed to audit the U.S. gold at Fort Knox for fakes.  The U.S. government refuses to allow any audit of its gold holdings.  Given the mounting evidence that bank owned gold bullion may contain fake bars, one has to wonder just what the U.S. government is trying to hide with its continued refusals to allow audits.

  • jeremias

    Just use Bitcoin. Better than gold.

    • Christian

      Bitcoin is backed by nothing. If the power grid or the internet goes down so does bitcoin.

      • Try to get your money out of a normal bank if the power grid goes down. Besides that, bitcoins can be accessed from a smart phone with an online wallet.

        • Christian

          If there is an emergence gold/silver will still buy you food. Normal banks are a joke as well, we agree on that. Try to pay for food with bitcoins when the emergency hits and we will see how far you get. I think crypto currency is an OK idea it’s just not emergency proof.

    • cojo


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