How Technology Moves Society – Not Politics

Lasse Birk Olesen gives a speech at TEDx Copenhagen 2012 where he emphasizes technological innovation, rather than political agitation, as a way to improve the human condition.  He covers the topics of Bitcoin, seasteading, and 3D printing.  A very anarcho-capitalist lecture 😉

  • Lasse had a talk at the Bitcoin Conference too, shortly before my own.

    • Make some videos for me Peter 😉

      • Lasse Birk Olesen

        If someone has a video of my talk at the Bitcoin conference I’d very much like to see it too. =)

        And thanks for sharing, Michael.

        • It’s truly my pleasure. Thank you for giving the lecture!

        • Peter Surda

          Recordings exist (thanks to molecular), but it will probably take a while before they are published, they need to be edited and whatnot. I’m sure they will be announced on the forum once it’s so far.

  • John Doey

    Great presentation. Thanks for sharing.

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