Bitcoin Fear Mongering By An MBA School Ranking Website? – Possible Ties To Bank of America

Good lord this video is about as biased as it gets when it comes to explaining Bitcoin.  In fact, they don’t even bother to explain Bitcoin, beyond saying its a decentralized currency that can’t be controlled by bureaucrats.  Of course, the video makes the assumption that this is an entirely terrible thing.  The video is basically a slick propaganda hit piece against Bitcoin.

In fact, the video was so slick and so clearly a piece of propaganda that I became rather curious about why some private entity would spend the time and resources to create it.   Private entities generally don’t waste money creating pro-government propaganda pieces without some kind of monetary interest being involved.

Some simple digging turned up some interesting results…

Episode 10 – Bit Coins the Currency of the Dark Net from Minute MBA by on Vimeo.

A whois search of the URL shows that the site name is registered to Mascot Media Circle LLC.  Working from there, I found that this company has been accused of putting out other pro-state propaganda pieces that were full of lies in the past.  This article on talks about a biking infographic put out by Mascot Media Circle back in 2011 that promotes a “European” way of life, designed to draw hits to a site they owned based on SEO rankings.

I find it curious that Mascot Media Circle is putting out all of these slick propaganda pieces that have nothing to do with supposed purpose of the sites they appear on.  They have also put out a similar video lauding the Secretary of the Treasury.  Ask yourself why an entity that bills itself as helping people find a good online MBA program would spend money on the production of such propaganda?  I could understand if they were putting out videos that were relevant to Master of Business Administration programs, but of all the business topics they could have chosen to do videos on, they chose the Secretary of the Treasury and Bitcoin?  Seriously?

Something stinks about these clowns.  I think they are either taking money from some government entity to produce these videos, or they are being run by some kind of political/banking organization behind the scenes.  It’s interesting to note that an address search of the building where Mascot Media is located says it is a Bank of America building.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Mascot Media was some kind of a subsidiary of Bank of America.  It would make perfect sense.  Bank of America makes a ton of money from the financing of student loans, they are the primary beneficiaries of the fractional reserve system, and they have the most to lose from the widespread adoption of the Bitcoin currency.  I don’t have any proof of this besides the address, but it certainly smells awfully fishy.

Side note:

Softlayer is hosting the domain servers for  Bank of America was instrumental in financing Softlayer’s merger with The Planet.

  • me

    funny, keep em coming!

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  • michael suede

    The moment when you realize that the video is absolutely correct, that an MBA program is awesome enough to be including bitcoin in their curriculum, and that michael suede needs to take off the tinfoil hat and start facing reality.

  • shah

    Worth seeing their short video about the FED – you’ll clearly see on which side they are.

  • James Garrick

    I absolutely hate US accents where each sentence ends as if a question is being asked. Completely ignorant people!

  • Srsly, “Mascot Media”. The name tells you all you need to know.

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  • these are the folks behind Media Mascot LLC —

    their ‘scam’ is making money off lead generation, ie, selling names and numbers collected on their various web sites. not illegal, not a secret gov organization, just internet bottom feeders.