Caravan of Dump Trucks On 9/11 Rolls Into Downtown NYC

One more piece of evidence suggesting a contrived plot.

In the video below, you’ll see a massive caravan of privately owned dump trucks rolling into the disaster site on the afternoon of 9/11.   I find it hard to believe that the city had organized a clean up effort with a private company while the buildings were still collapsing, as that would constitute hauling evidence away from a crime scene.

This video was shot 10 minutes after the collapse of WTC7.  People were still trapped in the debris field at that time.

“New York City Office of Emergency Management was the agency responsible for coordination of the City’s response to the attacks. Headed by then-Director Richard Sheirer, the agency was forced to vacate its headquarters, located in 7 World Trade Center, within hours of the attack. The building later collapsed due to fire. OEM reestablished operations temporarily at the police academy, where Mayor Giuliani gave many press conferences throughout the afternoon and evening of September 11. By Friday, rescue and reliefs were organized and administered from Pier 92 on the Hudson River.[29]”

While all that was going on, I’m sure someone had the foresight to contract a multi-million dollar clean up deal that entailed the use of hundreds of dump trucks, and then actually have those dump trucks get to the site 10 minutes after the collapse of the last building.

for the doubters:

  • fcmoulton

    This is not evidence of a “contrived plot”. Of course they were calling in dump trucks since the Twin Towers and the Marriot were all ready down and had been for about 7 hours. And remember the streets surrounding the collapse sites were full of debris. Anyone with half a brain was calling in dump trucks. Evidence? Do you have any idea how much debris there was? Just how many forensic examiners and how much time would it take to sift through all of debris? Go ahead and do the math. And then you will see the folly demonstrated by your words. And if they had not called in dump trucks would you be screaming about how government can not manage a clean up? Seriously Grow Up. I am really tired of people putting brain dead stupid Truther nonsense out and calling it Libertarian. It is not Libertarian, One of the big problems right now is people who fraudulently put out Birther and Truther and other similar nonsense under a Libertarian banner.

    • WTC7 collapsed at 5:20 PM.

      So you actually believe that the city’s response was so organized that they already had a massive caravan of dump trucks on the way 10 minutes after the last building fell.


  • fcmoulton

    First your comment about people being trapped is not relevant unless you are some how trying to make the argument that everyone was involved in that rescue. But obviously that would not be correct. Second your comment about the video showing the dump trucks ten minutes after WT7 collapse is not relevant because as I have already pointed out the was massive amounts of debris from the collapse of the Twin Towers and the Marriot Hotel about seven hours earlier. Let me repeat that phrase About Seven Hours Earlier. And much of that debris is in streets and sidewalks and needs to be removed ASAP since it is both an impediment to movement and a health hazard. And if you had done just a bit of research you would realize that NYC has its own fleet of dump trucks in the New York City Housing Authority NYCHA. I am not a New York resident but from what I have read online these dump trucks are painted a dark color and are marked with NYCHA and HA. What else is interesting is that there is video online showing these dump trucks heading to the collapse site on Sep 11 and guess what the title of the video says Housing Authority dump trucks not private dump trucks. So before you make comments about contracts you need to provide clear evidence showing that the dump trucks were really private including the name of the company. That is just a starter but it will at least start to sort out one of your claims.

    Basically your analysis is flawed, full of holes and frankly you should be embarrassed for posting it. By posting your flawed analysis on a site that claims to be Libertarian you are doing harm to the Libertarian movement and I urge to stop if you really care about Liberty.

    • Here’s some more dump trucks of a different variety arriving on scene moments after the collapse:

      The “dump truck response” wasn’t just from one company, it was a coordinated clean up effort taking place moments after the buildings fell. And of course, this is just a tiny fraction of evidence suggesting a contrived plot. This is simply one more piece of evidence out of thousands. It is ridiculous to suggest that I am hanging my entire opinion about the events that took place that day on this one piece of video evidence.

  • fcmoulton

    Of course there were dump trucks there. Are you really so clueless as to not have any idea of the amount of debris that needed to be cleaned up and the importance of getting debris cleared as soon as possible? Anyone with a background in management, engineering, public health or even common sense would know the importance of clearing the debris ASAP and part of the equipment needed would dump trucks. Yes dump trucks and there is no reason to be surprised if some are private and some are NYCHA.

    And that video you link to supposedly convince the doubters is laughable. You and the rest of the Truther community have not demonstrated any insider conspiracy at all. It has been more than a decade and you have shown nothing. If I was to make a joke I would say that at the rate you are spewing nonsense I would not be surprised that if the next thing you will pop up with is video of Elvis and Bigfoot walking hand in hand as they set charges to bring down WT7. However this is so serious that I skip the jokes because you are doing harm by what you are posting. You are posting things where are full of logical fallacies and mistaken interpretations and thus damaging the sphere of discourse. Please reform your behavior.

    • So all of the CIA agents and Army intelligence agents who say there is a cover up are simply lying. Clearly they are just making it all up for kicks.

      • fcmoulton

        I was going to take a break from this thread when I saw this last thing you posted. Since you bring up CIA agents and Army intelligence agents I am curious have you done any comparative check to find the count of those who do not claim there is a coverup? If not why not?

        I will take a break from this threat for a while so you can have a while to work on this exercise. Read the two sentences you wrote about CIA agents and Army intelligence and then read a good website on logical fallacies and critical thinking and then figure out all the logical fallacies and mistakes in analysis you find and then post them here. I do not know how long it will take you to figure it out; might be two hours, might be two days, might be two years but no matter the length of time I hope that finding your own errors proves beneficial for you.

        • Obviously whistle blowers like Shaffer and Edmonds are privy to classified information that other intel agents are not. It would be irrational to expect other agents to come out against the official story if they are not privy to the same intelligence as Able Danger or Edmonds.

          Both Shaffer and Edmonds have given sworn testimony, so if they are lying, the state could chose to prosecute them for perjury Obviously the state has not done so.