The Holographic Universe

An interesting take on the nature of existence.  This follows both Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna’s take on the  nature of reality, as both have compared physical reality to a hologram.


  • Joe

    So, the guy who is in the MRI, if his consciousness tells him to hit the button on the right, and the guy watching his brain sees that 6 seconds before the guy in the MRI knows and tells him to hit the button on the left. What would happen?

    • Tom

      But that would actually be using the scientific method. They are not interested in proof (truth); nay, they just want you to believe.

  • Very interesting. The Bullshit Meter did get dangerously close to snapping a couple of times though, and I had to pause to do my own checking via various internet sources. The first time my BS meter jumped was with the phrase “It’s as if the electron knows it’s being observed!!!!!” (explanation marks to indicate the “wow factor” in the narrator’s voice. No. A little research shows it is impossible to observe an electron without interacting with it via photons. Surprise surprise, this interaction has an effect.

    The one that almost caused the BS meter to snap right off was the scientist guy claiming that he had done experiments to prove statistically that precognition or retro-causality (or whatever he ascribed his results to) was a real phenomenon. He did his own version of the old experiment (The Guessing Game) of having people watch random images on a screen and would monitor their bodily responses PRIOR to the random image being displayed. When it comes to statistics, Steve McIntyre he ain’t.

    However, I shall continue to watch as it is entertaining and provokes some interesting questions.

    • Tom

      Just research the biographies of all the ‘experts’ and the philosophical foundations of the institutions they come from; it’s very, dare we say, enlightening?!