DefenseDistributed 3D Printed Gun: Printed AR Lower

The lower part of the AR is the only part that needs to be registered with the ATF. It is also the only component that you can’t buy online. However, homemade weapons are allowed to bypass this law.  This means you can now get an AR15 for half the price, and without the registration hassle, assuming you have a 3D printer at your disposal.

In the video below, you’ll see a printed lower tear through 600 rounds without failure.


  • Sophistros

    Terrifying. Good luck in your project to reverse 300 years of Enlightenment values and return the world to a state of medieval barbarism.

    • The state has been around a lot longer than 300 years. I’m trying to reverse 3000 years of barbarism.

      No, I did not misread your comment.

      I find it somewhat humorous that you feel terrified over the prospect of your neighbor printing up a gun, while simultaneously lauding the virtues of “enlightenment values.” – which have led us to two world wars, the slavery of entire races of people, and the imprisonment of tens of millions of people. I suppose you consider that kind of violence a “necessary evil.”

      Your only problem with guns is that individuals who are not sanctioned by the state have them.

      • Gano

        OUCH… Logic bomb hurt!

    • ConservativeGrl

      Go back and bury your head in the sand liberal.

    • Rob Nabakowski

      Don’t worry sophist, one wouldn’t need a gun to get a leg up on you. But, it’s good to know you people are terrified.

    • Ironclad

      Look out everyone, that man printed an AR lower instead of buying one, so scary.

      But don’t fear, my ‘gun-free’ zone sign will save us all.