US General Admits Feds Launch Offensive Cyber Attacks Against Foreign Nations

Of course, that’s not how the WaPo portrays it though.

The Washington Post propagandizes:

The Pentagon’s Cyber Command will create 13 offensive teams by the fall of 2015 to help defend the nation against major computer attacks from abroad, Gen. Keith Alexander testified to Congress on Tuesday, a rare acknowledgment of the military’s ability to use cyberweapons.

The new teams are part of a broader government effort to shield the nation from destructive attacks over the Internet that could harm Wall Street or knock out electric power, for instance.

… Alexander said the 13 teams would defend against destructive attacks. “I would like to be clear that this team . . . is an offensive team,” he said.

Last time I checked, the word “offense” was used to denote those who launch attacks, while “defense” was used to denote those who protect against attacks.  By reading the WaPo story, you’d think the word meant the exact opposite of what it clearly means.  I’m not sure how an offensive attack force is going to defend anyone’s computer network.