2 Men Arrested For Refusing To Open Up The Door Of His Own Home

Watch as a female police officer demands entry to a home without a warrant, and then arrests two young men who refuse to comply with her demands.

FYI, you do not legally have to open your door for the police if they do not posses a warrant.  Of course, the video demonstrates what will happen if you don’t.  As you can see, the 4th amendment of the Constitution doesn’t enforce itself.  The Constitution is a worthless piece of paper.

  • No, the Constitution is not a worthless piece of paper. The liberals like to make believe that it is, but when things end up in court, they usually get educated.

    I could use some extra money right now. I would love for some stupid broad in uniform and TV cameras to come to my door, bang away, grab me and handcuff me. The resulting lawsuit could make me a millionaire!

  • So when can we see the followup? I want to see the video of the day in court when the black guys and their lawyers bankrupt the city and the officers personally.

  • mike

    This is how these pigs think they can act. No warrant but they think they can tell you what to do in your own home on your own property. I hope they sue this chick and get her kicked off the police force. She may even end becoming a stripper after all…

  • What a nasty, bullying, ignorant woman she is. I’m amazed that this was actually broadcast on television with her participation. Probably made her proud. Just amazing. I wish the guys had stood up for themselves a little more strongly though – but I guess they did more than many of us would when faced with such a surprising encounter as that.

    • Shattered

      But she may have pulled her sidearm and simply shot them to death if they had protested vigorously.

  • Shattered

    After they get the 2nd, they will piss all over the 1st and 4th too. In fact, they are already as evidenced by this video. Imagine what they do when the cameras are off.

  • nonagressionprinciple

    … this video does not exist is all i get

  • Joy Leaf