Democracy Would Be Better Than What We Have Now

A quick overview of what our nation would look like under a democracy:

Weed would be legalized.

Social Security would be means tested and the income cap would be removed on taxes.

The Federal Reserve would be abolished or have its power diminished.

America would return to a gold standard.

The auto industry bailouts would not have taken place.

The banking industry bailouts would not have taken place.

Gun laws would not be any more strict than they already are.

Public teachers unions would be abolished.

The war in Afghanistan would be ended.

The war in Iraq would have been over a long time ago.

Government spending would be cut.

As we can clearly see by the polling data, what the public wants has absolutely nothing to do with what the public actually gets. Of course, those same polls show that people still want to have their cake and eat it too, such as being in favor of general spending cuts, but also being in favor of “job creation” bills, which entail some of the most economically wasteful programs ever created.  However, the point of this article is to demonstrate that we don’t actually live in a democracy (mob rule).  If we did, things would arguably be a hell of a lot better than they are now.

No my dear friends, we live under the rule of a state.  A collection of violent sociopaths who are hell bent on causing as much destruction and misery as possible, while destroying themselves in the process.  The people who brought you the glorious Ponzi scheme of Social Security are the same people who brought you Jim Crow laws, slavery, two world wars, the Vietnam War, a Civil War, basically just unending war period, along with such awesome things like multi-trillion dollar private bank bailouts.  These political rulers are insane, and always have been insane, from the beginning of recorded history.  You do not control them.  They control you.

If you are curious about one possible alternative to being ruled by sociopaths, I suggest watching this short video by economist David Friedman.  In the video you’ll see what society could look like if we got rid of this archaic notion of rulers running our lives.