What Else Does Snowden Know?

We haven’t seen formal charges filed against Snowden yet, and I’m beginning to wonder why.  Could it be that this guy has some serious dirt on the NSA that’s much bigger than PRISM?  I suspect so.

I suspect the clowns in Washington are desperately trying to figure out how much dirt he might have on them.  Consider that if they file formal charges and proceed with an extradition hearing, Snowden could very well submit everything he knows to the Hong Kong courts in his defense, which could be exponentially more damaging than the handful of documents he has released about the PRISM system so far.

The NSA might be doing all sorts of horrible things that we don’t know about.  His moving to Hong Kong is a strategic move.  The guy is obviously a sharp cookie.  He didn’t move to Hong Kong on a whim.  If the NSA comes after him, they might end up having to do a lot more explaining to the U.S. public about their actions.

Assassination plots, drug money laundering, and my personal favorite, insider trading, all come to mind as possible reasons why the NSA is treading very carefully with Snowden.  When you have a system that is capable of monitoring every email and phone call that every person makes, the obvious first choice for abuse is to use that system to gain inside information on corporations which would allow you to front run the markets.  A person could make a fortune off of that kind of information.

It is a well known fact that CIA agents often moonlight as bankers.  It’s also known that the CIA has been involved in numerous drug running operations, as well as installing a drug kingpin to run the Afghan security forces.   What the secretive NSA’s role is in these operations may be obscure, but it stands to reason that the CIA and NSA work closely with each other in terms of sharing intelligence resources.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Snowden was keeping information on such activities in his back pocket as a trump card.

Like I said, Snowden isn’t stupid, and neither is the NSA.  An interesting item of note is that Snowden claimed he was earning $200,000 a year working for Booz Allen Hamilton, but Booz Allen said his salary was only $120,000 a year.  Perhaps Snowden was earning an extra $80,000 a year by helping to cover up illegal activity, or was engaged in such activity himself along with numerous other individuals.  If that’s the case, Snowden could turn the U.S. intelligence community upside down and inside out if they did try to come after him.  It seems odd that he would lie about his salary like that, which might mean he was trying to send a message.

His going public was also a strategic move.  If he ends up dead of a “suicide” or in a gutter somewhere,  people will know he must have had some serious dirt on the U.S. government that they did not want to expose.  The U.S. state wouldn’t risk assassinating him if the only things he had on them were already in the public domain. But they might try to kill him if they thought he might expose a plethora of additional illegal activity by the U.S. intelligence community.

While everything I’m suggesting in this article is my own pure speculation, it all seems to fit together in a rather neat way don’t ya think?  I don’t trust the U.S. intelligence community any further than I can throw them.  As Lord Acton once said, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  As the PRISM system shows, U.S. intelligence services have near absolute power to do just about whatever they want, without any oversight or public accountability at all.

  • Tom

    This reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover, and how he managed to head the FBI for a lifetime. Get the dirt on everyone, and any time one of the cockroaches threatens you, shine the light in his direction.